Embrace Relief is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which collaborates with volunteers to deliver humanitarian aid and disaster relief to vulnerable communities around the world. In accordance with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our teams offer relief in the form of financial, emotional and physical support, in order to meet the needs of people ravaged by disaster and other misfortune. The foundation collects and distributes supplies to families, individuals and institutions.



To embrace those less fortunate and be the relief they deserve. We fulfill this goal in the form of food, clothing, housing, education, skill training, counseling and other services which we provide to underserved communities. While we dedicate many of our resources to aid recovery from natural disasters, we also make considerable investments in combating poverty by relieving hunger, supporting education and providing medical care. We believe that every person possesses inherent and inalienable value, as well as potential to flourish and contribute to his or her community.



Create a healthier and happier world by embracing sustainable solutions and providing humanitarian relief. By engendering trust, mutual respect and long-lasting relationships with community service providers, we foster hope, expand options and change lives for the better. We dispense aid regardless of nationality, race, religion or ethnicity. Furthermore, we seek to do so while preserving the cultural traditions, values and dignity of those we serve.

Embrace Relief’s Impact

Since 2013…


Over $1.4M was spent for disaster relief efforts in both domestically and globally.


Over 270 water wells built in several countries, providing clean drinking water to approximately 270,000 people.


We have worked with 40 countries. Over 1.5 million pounds of food was distributed globally.


Over $1.5M was spent on refugee relief.
Over 2,100 cataract surgeries were conducted and more than 21,000 health checkups were completed.
$259,000 was spent on yearly living expenses for children.