Educational Leadership
& Management Training

Through this program, female educators in Tanzania will receive additional certifications in Education Leadership & Management and School Quality Assurance enabling them to take on more prominent roles in schools.


Your donations will provide financial support to aspiring women who cannot afford to pay for classes. Upon completion of the 2-year certification program, The Ministry of Education in Tanzania will appoint graduates to specific schools where they will assess the current education system and curriculum and influence positive changes.

For just $100 a month, they will receive


Health Insurance




Meet the Future Leaders

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    Lustan Mwalugaja Mnkondya

    My inspiration for receiving a diploma from ADEM is the improvement of my quality of life and the growth of the economy of my country. I want to become a leader in education who helps Tanzanian students raise their standards of education and achieve their life goals.

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    Nyabise Maro

    As a mother of three children, I am motivated to become a good role model for them and a good leader in my society. If I get a diploma in School Inspection, it will help me achieve my goal of becoming a school inspector in order to control quality and performance in schools.

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    Pilly Ramadhani

    My parents, my younger sisters, and my two children all depend on me for their basic needs. With this education, I hope to raise my finances and provide a good life for all of them. I want to become an academic leader for quality education in Tanzania.

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    Rose Romano

    Studying at ADEM and getting a diploma in School Inspection is just the beginning of my career. It provides a solid foundation for me to get more skills, further my education, and become a teacher who inspires students.

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    Suzan Kirako

    My personal experience has led me to my current career goal of being a lecturer who provides quality education and sets high standards in order to help students reach their academic goals. That is why I am seeking a diploma in School Inspection at ADEM Bagayomo. In the future, I want to be an entrepreneur in education and help people who are facing difficulties.

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    Abela Paschal

    As a mother raising three children alone, I am responsible for all expenses. I believe that gaining a diploma in Education Management and Administration will not only improve my life but the lives of other women as well. My dream is to become a professor to help students succeed academically and achieve their life goals. Their collective success will improve Tanzania’s economy.

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    Anna Senyagwa

    Currently, I am studying at ADEM in order to improve the education system and share this knowledge with others. Being the sole income in my household has left me poor economically, so becoming a lecturer or minister of education would help me support my family. I want to empower myself, work hard, and bring liberation to our society.

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    Neema Mkobalo

    ADEM allows me to become competent in my career as a teacher and a leader. I will impart knowledge to my students as well as society. My goal is to receive a diploma in Education Management and Administration and support my younger sisters who depend on me. In the future, I want to be a member of parliament and help my fellow women find their voices.

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    Olivia Tesha Simon

    My inspiration for pursuing higher education is the ability to act as a catalyst for societal development. My society is not yet developed in education, and I wish to become a teacher who helps people increase their skillset and become more literate.

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    Rays James

    I know that I need to study hard to achieve my goals. After getting my diploma in Education Management and Administration, I will help raise the economy level by becoming a good leader and help others follow in my footsteps.

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    Shida Kabelege

    Studying in Bagayomo for a diploma in Education Management and Administration means a new start in my life. I am no longer just the mother of my four children but the lifelong mentor of young students. I wish to get my Ph.D., become an education leader, and raise the standard of education in Tanzania.

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    Tulalava Kyelula

    The first step to acquiring skills that will help me teach pupils in Tanzania is getting a diploma at ADEM Bagayomo in Education Management and Administration. ADEM is giving me the training to become a good leader and supervisor in education which I will take with me in my future career path.

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    Angela Charles Mhina

    Being a widow with two daughters to care for is difficult. Getting a diploma in Education Management and Administration would allow me to raise them while also becoming a leader for students. With this program’s support, I’ll be able to increase my knowledge and skills in various educational fields.

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    Dotto Zephania

    It is important for me to gain the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to understand the learning processes at schools. A diploma in School Inspection at ADEM will help me reach my goal of becoming a school inspector in order to assess the quality and improve performance at schools.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls