Your donations will support young women in their pursuit of education and empower them to fight for gender equality. Encouraging them to achieve their goals paves a path for the futures of all girls. All women deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Rawdhat Yussuf Maalim
I am studying Molecular Biology and Biotechnology so I can become a scientific researcher. Diseases can easily wipe out communities, so I want to research methods to diagnose diseases and develop medicine to create a healthier generation. A stronger generation will also aid the economy of Tanzania. After all, education is the most powerful weapon and can be used to change society. I want to help Tanzania become a better country by contributing all I can.

Arapha Suleiman Mpalahole
My two younger brothers and I come from a single-parent household. For two years, I have been studying to become a Tax and Customs Administrative Officer. My motivation for higher education comes from seeing educated people live smart lives. I want that for myself and I know that this knowledge can help me and society as a whole.

Asila Rashid
I am inspired by my mother who has faced hardships that have made it difficult to provide basic needs for our family. My goal is to become a lawyer, help people who face troubles and be an inspiration to society. My family cannot afford to pay the university fees due to financial problems so an education sponsorship will help me achieve one of my biggest dreams.

Dhakira Ali Gongoro
Since a young age, I have dreamed of becoming a veterinary specialist. I’m a student at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, have passed all ten of my classes and have a current GPA of 3.29. My mother is a single parent to me and my siblings and struggles to pay for our expenses. I believe that girls should receive the same education as boys so they can become independent and lead better lives. With this educational support, I will become a great leader to all girls seeking education and become a girl champion of the world.

Fatma Omari Rubeya
Since the passing of my father in 2018, my mother has been caring for me and my younger siblings. At 26 years old, I am now a first-year student at the University of Zanzibar. I want to become a teacher to help students perform better and to help my family, especially my mother.

Mariam Amiri
I am currently in the fifth year of my MD program. I was given the ability to receive an education, so I figured, why not? My goal is to become a doctor or a Public Health Practitioner and use my knowledge to reduce the burden of diseases in my country and ensure maternal health is not at stake. I want to raise awareness of these various health issues and encourage people to come together to fight disease better than before.

Nawal Salum
After graduating from secondary school, I’m going for my diploma. It’s my dream to have a job in Procurement and Logistics Management so I can help both my family and the community. I wish to gain a lot of knowledge and live a good life.

Naru Juma Haji
When my father died, my family began facing many problems. My mother is unable to pay university fees and many of my family members suffer from mental illnesses. The grief that my family went through and continues to go through inspired me to study Counseling Psychology. The mind is everything, and there are a lot of people suffering from psychological illnesses. I will use my education to help my family and the world.

Zainab Mhina Mdoe
Of four children, I’m the only girl in my family. We are poor and my parents have been struggling to make ends meet to fund my education. Even though I’m only 19, I have seen the hardships my family faced and it has inspired me to study hard. I believe education is the only way to escape poverty, and with an education, I can become a doctor and help treat the community.

Zulpha Kaaya
The hardships my family and I have faced motivate me to receive an education. My parents are separated, my family is poor, and it is difficult for my mother to provide financial support for my education. I hope to receive a diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management at the Institute of Accountancy. Higher education is the way for girls like me to have a chance to live a good life.

Zeyena Talib Moh’d
Education is my passion. I am in university for a Bachelor of Science in Education so I can become a teacher. My ultimate goal is to help people and live a good life.

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