In Memory of Nihan Nur – Cameroon

Code Country Town/Village Inauguration Depth Serving
W18031 Cameroon Lacka 01.29.2019 45m / 148ft 1,800 people

We have lost a child…
Another child, another hope.
We, victims of the prosecution in Turkey, have lost almost all we had in a few years.
Our homes, our beloved ones, our lives…
But we have not lost our dreams yet!

We have our daughter no more…
A child who struggled for months to reunite with her mother, father, sister and brother.
A young woman far away from her family and country, fighting all by herself.
An angel for whom the world was overwhelming, an angel who overwhelmed the world.
She left this world, Nihan Nur Cetiner, leaving behind her light.

All candles know they will melt away; all humans, that they will die.
Why does a candle burn? Why does a human live?

Nihan Nur lived her brief life for others.
She strove to help the needy; she shared the grief of the aggrieved.
She would never think of a life otherwise. She was the daughter of a teacher mother and a father who worked as a manager for one of the major relief organizations of Turkey.

Nihan Nur’s last times were spent battling to reunite with her family. She was all alone in a foreign country, away from her parents and siblings.
They were one of the thousands of Turkish families scattered by the prosecution.
She was one of the hundreds of thousands who resisted quitting their dreams despite the darkness.
She struggled hard, she worked hard, she took many hard steps.
But she could not make it…

One day the young woman had to go to the dentist.
She was afraid of going to the dentist, but not as much as making her last will.
Not so much as saying goodbyes to everybody, or asking for everyone’s forgiveness.
But she did all, like she felt what was coming her way…
“Give my belongings to orphan children, if anything happens to me” she wrote in her will.
“Dig wells in Africa for people yearning for water, if anything happens to me.”
And what she felt came true.
Nihan Nur said her farewells after a complication.

Every candle knows it will melt away…
It still burns despite this knowledge and fights the darkness to its last drop.
Nihan Nur and her type choose not to surrender to the darkness even in their last drop.
Give up, they do not; they struggle to light other candles.
And become the candle with a thousand arms to illuminate the world, though they occasionally die out!

We, as friends of Nihan Nur, have made a promise to carry out her will, so we are launching this campaign to enable thousands of people in Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania to have access to clean drinking water, which they can only dream of.
Our wish is that the light Nihan Nur has left behind should provide the world with more light.
Our wish is that Nihan Nur can finally find peace where she went…
Of course, with your support…

We, people with unfulfilled dreams and infinite hope…
… have lost another child of ours; another candle has melted away.
And the same questions keep ringing in our heads:

Why does a candle burn? Why does a human live?