The River of Hope

Code Country Town/Village Inauguration Depth Serving
W19004 Nigeria Blabutu 02.21.2019 45m / 148ft 1,500 people

At American Plumbing and Heating we love to give back to not only our community but to the world too. Mustafa the owner of the company was born in Turkey. He knows the struggles of everyday life that many people face each day around the world. He has seen these struggles first hand. Being the owner of a plumbing company Mustafa knows how important clean water is to everyone. Here at APH we work diligently on protecting the earth, that’s why we are actively green certified and may be the only certified actively green plumber in the world. The importance of working together to make a difference in the world is a gift that we must cherish. We chose the name The River Of Hope because sometimes all you need is a little hope and a splash of faith to know that no matter what someone is always there with a hand to hold, and we hope you’re there for us too. Let’s stand together and make the world a better place one hand at a time.