Our Policy for Stock Donations

Embrace Relief does not employ professional portfolio managers, so stock donations will be liquidated upon receipt in order to avoid risks of stock depreciation.This immediate liquation is not meant to offend donors, but to demonstrate our desire to appreciate the full value of their donation. Because of our immediate liquidation policy, we prefer to accept publicly traded stocks rather than stock in a privately traded company. There is no minimum to donate stock. Stock donations will be considered to be an unrestricted donation for Embrace Relief to use in funding different humanitarian projects at its discretion. It is the responsibility of the donor to clearly specify if they desire the donation to fund a specific project. Our account will keep at minimum the necessary funds to allow for donations and sales of stock. Embrace Relief will be responsible for maintaining this account. When donating stock to Embrace Relief, donors will have their brokers transfer stock using the information on our account provided above. Donors themselves will notify us of their donation by filling out a form at this link (link to donation/stock donation portion of website) on our website. Following the gift of stock, donors will receive a receipt for their own records and a letter detailing what program their donation is supporting. Donations are essential to Embrace Relief so we may continue to provide assistance worldwide.. At Embrace Relief we tackle a variety of needs through our eight campaigns: Health, Children, Disaster Relief, Education, Hunger Relief, Clean Water, Women’s Empowerment, and Refugee Relief. Embrace Relief has:
  • Collected and distributed over 1 million pounds of food
  • Raised funds to build over 250 water wells in Africa and Haiti
  • Provided thousands of health screenings at our mobile clinic in Mali and funded thousands of cataract surgeries
  • Built a soup kitchen for refugees in Syria
  • Constructed a school in Nigeria
  • Provided educational supplies both domestically and globally
  • Started a mentoring and tutoring program for high school students in the United States called GradPlus
  • Gave approximately 90 women vocational training in Haiti, Kenya, and the United States
  • Fundraised and donated essentials to refugees and victims of disasters across the world.
Everything we do aims to bring solace to and enhance the quality of people’s lives in the worst of times. Thank you for the support you have provided us and your future donations will make an immense difference in the lives of others.