Palestine Emergency Relief

As war escalates and tensions continue to rise, pockets of conflict, violence, and riots have broken out only perpetuating the divide between the Israelites and Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank. Men, women, and children alike have suffered from the civil and political unrest that came to a climax during this past month.   The beginning of Ramadan 2021 ignited nightly conflicts between the groups involving civilians and law enforcement. According to the BBC, the conflicts are about several issues they cannot agree on, including “what should happen to Palestinian refugees, whether Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank should stay or be removed, whether the two sides should share Jerusalem, and – perhaps most tricky of all – whether a Palestinian state should be created alongside Israel.”    Palestine refugees are among the most vulnerable living in 58 refugee camps throughout the West Bank, Jordan, Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon. The refugee camps are rampant with illness, place severe psychological stress on refugees, have limited resources such as food and medicine, and lack educational infrastructure. These struggles place heavy burdens on them, as they are already seeking a life free of persecution and violence.   With your help and the services of UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, we can send humanitarian aid relief to families in need. We plan to:  
  • Distribute food packs
  • Offer primary health care plans
  • Offer primary and vocational education
  • Provide relief and social services
  • Improve refugee camp infrastructure