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Refugee Families in Greece

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Everyday, thousands of refugees arrive on Greek shores, fleeing from political, religious, and ideological persecution and violence. Being forcibly removed from their homes cause great psychological stress, as well as physical obstacles when trying to find a safe place to live. Right now, there are approximately 60,000 refugees residing in camps throughout Greece. 

Over the last several years – refugee camps have been over-flooding with displaced people who cannot return to their homes. The camps cannot simply accommodate the millions of people fleeing to them for help and they have been forced to face jailing by crossing borders illegally or creating makeshift settlement camps outside of refugee camps.

The journey to a new land and home is extremely difficult and can seem impossible at times.  The struggle is not over once refugees reach the shores of Greece because they also have to learn how to adapt to a new country, culture, and way of life.

Luckily, through our Greece Refugee Relief Campaign, Embrace Relief is able to greet these refugees with a warm and genuine smile, happy to see that they have successfully made the journey for a better life.  Our volunteers provide them with psychological, monetary, and legal support during the asylum seeking process with pro-bono lawyers on stand-by. 

Furthermore, we are able to provide shelter, food, clean water, and translators to help their arrival go as smoothly as possible.  Right now, we are in the process of implementing virtual English speaking classes (ESL) to refugees to learn how to communicate in this new land. Many want to learn English because it is a prominent language in Europe and around the world, just in case they want or have to migrate to a different country.

You can become a part of this worldwide effort to help refugees find a new home. 

In order to support this initiative, Embrace Relief is offering two options:


This option will be available for those who wish to work directly one on one with a refugee family in Greece. You will be matched with a family that fits the parameters you specify in your registration form and will be in direct contact with them. Click here to adopt a refugee family in Greece.


This option is available for those who want to help the cause but cannot donate the time to managing a family overseas. Your donations to the campaign will be used similarly for more than a thousand families in need in Greece as needed. You can donate below:

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