5 Water Wells for 5,000 Students!





Water is the foundation of life and a fundamental human right. Water is a daily luxury that we are lucky to have when we go to school. When we are sent to school, we know that there are water bottles, fountains, and sinks where we can get safe, filtered, drinkable water. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality for children in Kenya, where more than 17 million people (43% of the population) lack access to a clean, reliable water source. Shockingly, a child dies from a water-related illness or disease every minute - most of which are preventable and treatable. This water crisis is growing rapidly as climate change and pollution increase while global resources decrease

We are working to address the clean water crisis in Kenya by building 5 water wells that will serve more than 5,000 people!

These wells will be built in Majenho Primary School, Mapimo Primary School, Kipini Vocational Training Centre, and Maderte Village. These schools have children ages 5-14 in grades K-8 (ages 18-30 at the Kipini Vocational Training Centre) and surrounding communities.

Right now, these locations do not have any water access points, so children are required to collect and bring their own water to school, which takes valuable, productive time away that could be spent learning in school. The river where they collect water is extremely sandy and highly contaminated with harmful parasites and bacteria that can cause deadly illnesses and diseases. In addition, these bodies of water are extremely dangerous because they are deep and have animals like crocodiles lurking, which means children are at risk of drowning and being attacked.

Therefore, the schools and communities need your help to complete this clean water project and build 5 wells! The water from these wells will be used to drink, wash, clean, cook, and grow food which will be eaten and sold. This project will improve overall community health, agriculture, and the economy, increase school attendance, strengthen the workforce, and decrease gender-based violence.

Let us come together to help the suffering people in Kenya have access to clean water.

A donation of just $100 = 200,000 gallons of clean water!