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Amani Orphanage Fundraiser

Amani Orphanage Fundraiser

Help the children at Amani Orphanage grow into confident, independent adults by making a donation. An investment in these children’s future is an investment in Tanzania’s future.

Over thirty million children in Africa have lost their parents to deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, ongoing conflicts in their countries, natural disasters like droughts, among other things. As a result, and also due to the lack of resources throughout the sub-Saharan region, these children must fight daily to find food, water, and shelter, an endless, overwhelming struggle that can convince them no one will ever care for them or see them for who they really are: Children who just want to play, laugh, and be loved. Thankfully, in 2014 Embrace Relief created its Raise the Children program, which supplies as many of these vulnerable children as possible with everything they need to get a foothold on life, grow, learn, and carve a bright future for themselves.


The Amani Orphanage


The Amani orphanage is one of the three orphanages Embrace Relief has been supporting as part of its Raise the Children campaign. It’s located in Moshi, Tanzania and is home to 60 beautiful, underprivileged children. In particular we provide the Amani Orphanage with:


  • coverage of its costs for general necessities, including gas, charcoal, water, and electric bills
  • Products for growth, health, and good condition, including beans, rice, maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oils, and various spices
  • Items for personal and overall hygiene, such as bath soap, toothpaste, and disinfectants
  • Health insurance to protect against any unexpected, highly expensive medical services and costs due to serious accidents or illnesses
  • Funds for the children’s education and each individual child’s needs so they not only survive, but have the opportunity to grow and contribute to their communities.
  • In 2021, we sent hundreds of food packages to the orphanage


Please Donate Today


Please consider donating today to help us continue to support the children of the Amani Orphanage. With their innocence reflecting in their eyes and huge smiles fanning their faces, they’re waiting for a path to a brighter future—a brighter future only incredibly gracious, selfless people like YOU can give them.

Thank You

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