Boston Dialogue Foundation Humanitarian Aid Committee

Clean water is a necessity of life, a basic human right, but 700 million people in 43 countries currently lack it. This includes millions in Sub-Saharan Africa who are collecting unsafe water from lakes, rivers, and ponds on a daily basis.





Thank You

We have achieved our goal for this campaign.

We appreciate your ongoing support.

Embrace Relief has identified hundreds and thousands of water wells in the region that need urgent repairs. Through their Fountains of Hope Project, they are leveraging their knowledge and experience of building water wells throughout Chad, Nigeria, and Cameroon to rebuild non-functioning wells in the region.

That’s why we, Boston Dialogue Foundation, have decided to start our own Group Fundraising project to support this program and reconstruct a non-operational water well in Sub-Saharan Africa. We want to help provide clean water to thousands of people who need it the most. Our goal is to raise $1,300 in order to reconstruct one water well.

Please help us reach this goal so that we can save the lives of thousands of people!