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Career Convos

Career Convos

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The Career Convos is an initiative which Has been started by a group of Young Volunteers in South california ,which addresses a crucial issue in society, namely the lack of community engagement due to communication barriers.

Carrer Convos aims to bring people together by focusing on common interests and future goals. This project has the potential to significantly impact the local community by fostering improved communication and collaboration between youth and adults, thereby enabling them to work together on future projects.


The primary goal of Career Convos is to assist students in discovering their interests in various career paths. This will be achieved by organizing gatherings with experts who can share their real-world experiences, providing students with valuable insights into their potential career choices.

Project Background

The project was conceived to address the challenges in communication and engagement between different generations within the community. It became apparent that a lack of connection was the main obstacle to community engagement. By engaging with both students and adults and focusing on their interests, Carrer Convos identified future goals as a common ground for fostering community engagement. This project aims to bridge the gap between generations and cultures by facilitating communication and understanding.


Carrer Convos will offer an effective and user-friendly platform for students to connect with speakers from their community. These speakers, representing various fields like medicine, business, law, computer science, and more, will deliver presentations about their careers and experiences in a primarily in-person setting, with Zoom as an option for remote participation. Following the presentations, students can ask questions and connect with the mentors. The program will be personalized based on student interests and will be promoted through social media and school announcements.

Project Goals

The project's goals are oriented towards students, presenters, and the community. For students, the objectives include finding their passion, evaluating career choices, getting support on projects, experiencing careers firsthand, finding internships, and expanding their networks. For presenters, the focus is on connecting with students pursuing similar career paths, finding potential interns or employees, and inspiring the next generation. On a community level, Carrer Convos aims to bridge generational gaps, harness the skills of experienced individuals, and enable the community to undertake sustainable long-term projects.


Carrer Convos is a nonprofit project and requires financial support for various aspects, including finding presenters, hosting venues, refreshments during presentations, advertisements, and the development of a website and app. The budget will cover expenses such as securing a domain, publishing the website, creating the app, and more.


Your support of the Career Convos project will be instrumental in providing young people with the key to a brighter future. By contributing to our initiative, you are empowering students to explore their career aspirations, connect with mentors, and bridge generational gaps within our community. Your generous donations will enable us to create an inclusive platform that fosters growth, learning, and collaboration. Together, we can shape a more promising tomorrow for the youth. Please consider making a donation today and be a part of this transformative journey towards a brighter future for our students and our community.

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