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Give the gift of sight today!

Give the gift of sight today!

Millions suffer from cataracts, yet never see a doctor due to extreme poverty. Today, you can give the gift of sight and help someone see this beautiful world again.


Millions of people around the world live their lives with blindness caused by cataracts, a preventable eye disease closely linked with poverty, malnutrition, and poor health. Cataracts are treatable with a simple, safe eye surgery with a 99 percent success rate worldwide. After having their vision restored through a cataract surgery, nearly all patients see enormous gains in quality of life.

However, for millions of people in Mali, this life-changing surgery is unaffordable and out of reach, causing a lifetime of needless suffering.

You can end that suffering today. Donate to Embrace Relief’s Cure Cataracts Initiative and provide cataract surgeries to people in Mali today!

$100 covers the cost of:

  • Free preoperation health checkup
  • Free consultation
  • Free cataract surgery for one eye
  • Patients receive free food and water on the day of operation
  • Free post-operation checkup
  • Free health checkups for 15 other people

Imagine being unable to access the simple eye surgery that would let you see the world again after a lifetime of blindness. Now, imagine how grateful you would be if someone opened their heart to you and provided the care that you needed.

40,000+ people in Mali have received cataract surgeries

from Embrace Relief and generous donors like you since 2013

Your donation also covers the costs of a preventative health screening, giving people living in poverty the chance to discover and treat other chronic health conditions.

Donate to Cure Cataracts today and give hope to vulnerable people in Mali, while also helping make the world a healthier, happier place.

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