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Donate for GradPlus and Provide Pathways to Opportunity

Donate for GradPlus and Provide Pathways to Opportunity



Unfortunately, the high school student dropout rate in New Jersey is increasing compared to the national average. Hence, Embrace Relief implemented the GradPlus program in 16 schools throughout the state, giving high school students the opportunity to pursue vocational training in a field they are passionate about. Via GradPlus, students optimize studying habits for the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) test, which is required to enter vocational training. Students have the ability to choose from over 45 choices of vocational training paths in every type of field such as medical, tech, business, and more. To date, 140 high school students have benefited from GradPlus, so donate today to help us improve the futures of even more underprivileged students!

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