Elmas and Mehmet Kazim Yazici Water Well

This will be the 8th water well we have opened. We wanted to honor our maternal grandparents through this good deed. The first water well was opened for my mother Gülten Yazici after she passed away 8 years ago. Soon after I opened water well, then my daughter, then my sons, and my husband each opened water well in Africa.





Thank You

We have achieved our goal for this campaign.

We appreciate your ongoing support.

This not only brings us joy, but also happiness, and ease to those who benefit from this water well. This will not be the last water well we contribute to, in fact, my paternal grandparents and my father's water well project is on its way. We are grateful to all those who contribute to this good deed. My daughter saved her birthday money, baked cupcakes to sell, and asked strangers to fund her water well, and even though she couldn't find the money overnight she was patient and eager and managed to complete it and be thankful for being part of something extraordinary.