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Gulev Family Zam Zam Water Well 36

Gulev Family Zam Zam Water Well 36

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Clean water can change everything for a community. For the many millions of people worldwide living in water-scarce areas, gaining a source of clean water can unlock better health, greater food production, more opportunities for girls and women, and more happiness. That’s why we are excited to share with you news of a project that will do just this for more than 10,500 of our friends in Tanzania.

The village of Bondo (population 6,286) is located in Handeni District in northeastern Tanzania. Its residents, along with thousands more from neighboring smaller villages, are mostly farmers, growing food for local consumption, including maize and beans, as well as growing cash crops like oranges. Residents primarily drink water collected from rainstorms, or from natural wells – shallow pits in the ground where water gathers. This situation is alarming for the health and safety of the people living in and around Bondo, for the following reasons:

  • Reliability: Bondo experiences a dry season each year, meaning rainwater is not a reliable source of clean water year-round.
  • Contamination: Bondo’s natural wells are unprotected from human and animal waste and other contaminants, putting villagers at risk for contracting harmful, and even deadly, waterborne diseases every time they drink.
  • Distance: The nearest alternative water source is located nearly five kilometers away. The women and children of Bondo thus bear a tremendous burden, walking for hours every single day to ensure their families have water to drink.

Throughout sub-Saharan Africa, communities like Bondo are bursting with human potential, however they are held back because they lack clean water. But you can change the situation in Bondo right now – with the help of Embrace Relief!

Our partners in Tanzania have identified the site for a large water well in Bondo, which will tap into the village’s vast reserves of underground freshwater. This well, once built, will provide a reliable, safe source of drinking water for more than 10,500 people in Bondo and its surrounding villages! This is a long-term investment with significant benefits for the people of this region, bettering public health, the local economy, educational outcomes, and gender equality.

However, this is also an ambitious project that will require financial support from donors like you. Here is what your generosity can accomplish:

A borehole will be drilled near the center of the village until the groundwater level is reached, which should be somewhere between 120 and 150 meters deep. Once water is found, pipes will be fitted into the borehole and secured with gravel stones, which will also help filter out harmful contaminants.

Next, workers will install a water treatment system to filter and purify the water, including a UV disinfection technology that removes all bacteria and viruses.

Once the pipes and filtration system are in place, three water towers will be constructed. These towers will connect to the water pipes in the borehole, and will store the filtered water until it is needed. One main tower will be built close to the borehole, while two smaller auxiliary towers will be built in opposing directions.

The main water tower will contain two tanks, each holding thousands of liters of clean, filtered water pumped from the borehole. One of these tanks will connect to water taps where community members can obtain their water. The second tank will supply water to the smaller auxiliary towers, whose purpose is to reduce traffic and provide more access points for the community. The auxiliary towers will have four water taps on either side.

Once this project is funded and constructed, your gift will benefit the people of Bondo for years to come. For the past decade, Embrace Relief has opened more than 800 water wells in Africa, and wherever we’ve gone, we see that our wells reduce poverty, boost the economy, and unlock opportunities for women and children. We have a track record you can trust, meaning that your donation truly will change lives for the better.

Donate today to Embrace Relief’s large water well project, and help give the villagers of Bondo the opportunity for a happier, healthier, more prosperous life!

Thank You

We have achieved our goal for this campaign.
We appreciate your ongoing support.

$12000.84 raised of $12000.0 Goal