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Huda Khalife Health Clinic

Huda Khalife Health Clinic

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Your generous donations will help us honor our dear Huda by providing essential medical services, improving healthcare infrastructure, and saving lives in Burkina Faso.

In loving memory of Huda Khalife

Huda Khalife was born on August 2, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona to parents of Lebanese and Mauritian descent. She was the youngest of four siblings and was the light and life of the family. She memorized the Holy Qur'an as a teenager and continued to learn and teach it throughout her life. Huda in Arabic means "right guidance" and those who knew her can attest that she lived up to her namesake.

In her short time on this earth, Huda strove to serve those around her. She always had a bright smile on her face and never uttered a harsh word to anyone. She was a meticulous host and loved to bake and cook to bring joy to others. She used her spare time to serve her community whenever possible.

She lived in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Mauritius while growing up, sparking her love of different languages and cultures. She traveled to Turkiye, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and Puerto Rico on various service trips over the past decade. Whenever she travelled, she would make new friends and leave with them lasting memories of her kindness.

She graduated with a Masters in Sustainability at Arizona State University in May 2021, and was immediately immersed in her work with Thrive Consultancy for local projects, while still supporting ongoing international projects with her graduate program (i.e. operationalizing a research framework to co-develop food economy solutions for farmers in Peurto Rico). Huda became co-owner and director of Thrive Consultancy in September 2022. In her role, she worked to create a more equitable and sustainable economy in Arizona through the use of values-based business models and planning. Ultimately, she strove to continue to serve those in need all over the world.

In March 2023, she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, which put her life plans on hold. Her treatments involved long hospital stays and social isolation due to risk of infection. With the support of her husband, her family and her friends, she held firmly onto her faith and was strong and patient through each intense chemotherapy session. Through even the most difficult and painful times, she kept her beautiful smile and kindness shining through. Initially there were no bone marrow donors available for Huda. Her friends, family and community were inspired to come together to work with Be The Match to organize numerous bone marrow donation drives locally to increase awareness and contribute to finding Huda a donor. Through these efforts over 280 people signed up as donors.

On December 27, 2023 at the age of 26, she returned to her Lord. Huda leaves behind her parents, her spouse, 3 older siblings, and her little niece and nephews who brought her happiness during her last few months. Though Huda is no longer physically with us, her memory and legacy live on in our hearts in the selfless work that she has done, and through all of the people she continues to inspire. She was an angel walking on this earth and will be deeply missed.

.ا ِلِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ,
ʾinnā li-llāhi wa-ʾinnā ʾilayhi rājiʿūn.

To God we belong and to Him we return.

Burkina Faso, located in West Africa, faces numerous healthcare challenges, including inadequate healthcare infrastructure and a shortage of clinics, medical supplies, and personnel. The country ranks among the lowest in healthcare access and quality worldwide, and the need for medical intervention is urgent.

The clinic will offer residents free cataract surgery, dental operations, and preventative health screenings, which are critical for early intervention of illness and disease.

Cataract surgeries

Dental procedures

Preventative health screenings

This project will take place in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso’s second-largest city. Although very populated, only a small few have adequate access to basic healthcare, and many will never see a doctor in their lifetime.

There are only 51 ophthalmologists who serve the 22.7M population in Burkina Faso.

40% of Burkinabès live below the poverty line

Child blindness and severe visual impairment affects nearly 500,000 children

80.65% of these cases are avoidable and treatable

66.7% of blindness cases in Burkina are due to untreated cataracts

1 in 4 cataract patients receives treatment

Approximately 74,000 are blind

Approximately 401,000 are mildly or severely visually impaired

3D-Rendering of Clinic Plans

Outside of Clinic

Waiting Room/Reception

Ophthalmology Operation Room

Dental Operation Room

Bird’s eye view of the land where the clinic will be built

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$87417.13 raised of $150000.0 Goal

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