Kenya Flood Relief

Kenya Flood Relief

The people of Kenya need the world’s help as they recover from November's devastating floods, which have killed more than 130 people and displaced more than 90,000 families.

Torrential rains caused by the climate phenomenon known as El Nino have created flood conditions throughout East Africa, with Kenya among the nations hardest hit. In the northern and eastern parts of the country especially, floodwaters have submerged entire homes and neighborhoods. The flooding has triggered deadly mudslides that have destroyed buildings and roads, making it difficult for aid to reach the victims. And the floods have badly damaged critical clean water infrastructure, leading Kenyan officials to warn about outbreaks of hundreds of cases of waterborne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and malaria.

Recovery efforts are ongoing, but tens of thousands of Kenyans have nowhere to turn as they begin to rebuild their lives. They will need the support of people like you to obtain the food, water, and shelter they’ll need to get through this crisis.

To help the people of Kenya, we urge you to donate to Embrace Relief’s Kenya Flood Relief fund. Every dollar you give means crucial support for Kenyan families in their moment of greatest need. Donate today and you can help Embrace Relief save lives during this tragic time.

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