Little Rock Tornado Relief

Little Rock Tornado Relief

The Arkansas Culture and Dialogue Center is teaming up with Embrace Relief to provide needed emergency aid to the victims of the March 31, 2023 tornado that caused dozens of injuries in the Little Rock area.

The people of Arkansas need our support in the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes that hit the Little Rock area on Friday, March 31. The deadly storm left a trail of destruction across central Arkansas, destroying homes, schools and businesses, and injuring more than 50 people.

The victims of the tornado continue to face an urgent need for basic necessities as they begin to rebuild. That is why Embrace Relief and the Arkansas Culture and Dialogue Center have come together to jointly raise money for relief efforts in the Little Rock area. By contributing, you can ensure that families will have the food, water and shelter to help them navigate this tragic time.

Donate today and help us lend a hand to our friends in need in Arkansas!

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