Maui Wildfire Disaster

Maui Wildfire Disaster

The people of the state of Hawaii are in urgent need of help following the destructive and tragic wildfires that struck the islands of Maui and Hawaii on August 8-9.

Preliminary reports indicate at least 36 confirmed deaths, many more injured, and widespread devastation throughout the islands. Homes and roads have been damaged and destroyed, thousands of residents and tourists have been forced to flee, and the historic downtown of Lahaina, a popular destination on Maui, has been burned to the ground.

In this time of chaos, the people of Maui and Hawaii islands face an immediate need for basic necessities such as food, water and shelter. Embrace Relief is preparing to aid the victims of these wildfires and provide these necessities wherever they are most needed.

But we need your help to get there. Donate to our Hawaii Wildfire Relief fund today and help us lend a hand to the people of Maui as they begin to rebuild from this terrible tragedy.

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