Credit: Abdelhak Balhaki

Images, videos and stories continue to pour in from Morocco, where the death toll has surpassed 2,900 from the devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the North African country Friday night, Sept. 8. The earthquake, which hit just southwest of the famous metropolis of Marrakech, has injured and displaced people of all ages in cities, towns and villages of all sizes. In total, the Red Cross estimates as many as 300,000 Moroccans are living with the direct impacts of this disaster.

But it is the country’s remote, mountainous areas that are most desperately in need of outside assistance at this time. In these areas, landslides triggered by the quake have destroyed countless homes, roads, and communications lines. Emergency workers are working around the clock to restore links between these villages and the surrounding towns and cities, at which point the rebuilding process will truly begin. In the meantime, the people of these villages are desperately in need of the basics of life. Untold numbers of people are currently displaced from their homes and face a critical shortage of tents and other short-term shelters as winter approaches. Meanwhile, thousands of people have no way to acquire food, water and clothing in this time of chaos.

Time is of the essence when it comes to helping the people of Morocco. Donate today to Embrace Relief’s Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund and help us provide basic necessities to the people impacted by this terrible tragedy. Every dollar you donate will provide aid for the people of Morocco, helping to ease their suffering as they begin to recover.

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