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Raise the Children

Raise the Children

Your donation to Embrace Relief’s Raise the Children program is helping hundreds of vulnerable children have the food, water, healthcare, and education they need to thrive.

Raise the Children

The main projects for our Raise the Children Program are:

Good Quality Education

Health & Hygiene Resources

Safe Shelter & Home

Healthy Nutrition & Food

Different Ways to Support Our Raise the Children Program

$55 month

Empower a Child Through Education

With just $55/month or $660/year, you can sponsor a child's education and make a lasting impact opening doors to a future filled with opportunities and hope. Join us in empowering these children to fulfill their dreams through education and support. Your support covers the following:

  • School fees
  • Basic school supplies
  • Mentorship
  • Uniform
$150 year

Sponsor A Child’s Health and Hygiene

For just $150 a year, you can sponsor a child's health and hygiene, ensuring their well-being and vitality. Join us in making a difference and safeguarding the health of these children. Your support covers the following:

  • Regular health checkups
  • Essential hygiene kits
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and preventive care
$35 month

Sponsor A Child’s Housing

With just $35/month or $420 a year, you can sponsor a child's safe shelter and home, providing them with a secure and nurturing environment. Your support ensures that they have access to clean and safe accommodations, where they can thrive mentally, physically, and academically.

$35 month

Support a Child's Healthy Nutrition

For just $35 a month or $420/year, you can sponsor a child's healthy nutrition, ensuring they receive sufficient nourishment to grow properly and thrive. Your support provides access to nutritious meals, promoting their overall well-being and development.

$1,600 year

Transform a Child's Life Completely

Sponsor a child fully for an entire year with just $1600, and make a profound difference. Your generous support covers all aspects of their well-being, including providing a safe home and shelter, ensuring healthy nutrition and food, offering a proper education, guaranteeing access to health and hygiene facilities, and providing essential mentorship and moral support. Together, we can create brighter futures for the next generation. Join us in making a lasting impact!

No matter where they live or what their circumstances are, all children deserve the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy in order to follow their dreams. Donate today to Embrace Relief’s Raise the Children and be a beacon of hope for hundreds of vulnerable children around the world!

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