Water For People

Today, Water For People continues to rely on strong ties with professionals in the water industry. These partnerships ensure that the solutions we provide are based on the expertise of water and wastewater experts from around the world.





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Water and sanitation are in our DNA.

The idea behind Water For People began in the early 1980s with three people who wanted to use their expertise to build a better world.

Ken Miller, Wayne Weiss, and John B. "Jack" Mannion had spent their entire careers working in water and wastewater, each believing that it was possible for everyone in the world to have access to clean water and sanitation services. Wasn't this an impossible dream? this was a real conviction backed by decades of experience. In 1991, these three men joined others in their industries to create Water For People, an international nonprofit organization based in Denver, Colorado. Using their networks, knowledge, and experience, they began to build a program that would bring lasting solutions to the global water crisis.