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Clean water is fundamental to life, yet hundreds of millions of people in Africa live every day without an accessible source of clean water to drink, bathe in, cook, and grow their food. Communities without clean water are at risk for deadly waterborne illnesses, and struggle in many other ways.

Introducing a reliable source of clean water to a community lacking it is transformational, creating a population that is healthier, safer, more educated, and more prosperous. That transformation is something that you can make happen right now by helping Embrace Relief build a water well with a donation to our Clean Water Initiative!


Build a Well
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Both options come with a five-year guaranteed warranty as well as the opportunity for you to name your well.

Since 2013, Embrace Relief has been building water wells in Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and now Pakistan, making clean water easy to access and safe to consume for all. Our wells are built to exact scientific standards based on the local conditions the well will experience, meaning they are built to last

800+water wells

800,000+people given access to
clean water

To date, we have constructed or rebuilt (through our Fountains of Hope project) more than 800 water wells serving more than 800,000 people! Each of our wells represent hundreds of people waking up each day knowing their next drink of water will be safe from deadly bacteria. They represent hundreds of girls and women who no longer need to walk for miles each day just to fetch water for their families. And they represent the hope of a brighter future as we change the world, one community at a time.

So donate to Embrace Relief’s Clean Water Initiative today. By doing so, you can help us continue to build wells and make water accessible for people in water-scarce Africa. With one gift, you can make a life-changing impact on thousands of people for years to come.

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