Revolutionize a community by starting your very own Fountains of Hope project! Kindly complete the form below to kickstart your very own well restoration initiative. Our dedicated team will reach out promptly to guide you through the process. Once your proposal is greenlit, you’ll have a six-month window to fund your project. Uncompleted projects will merge resources with other ongoing efforts to keep clean water flowing to those in need.

Why a Well Matters: A single water well can serve an entire village and transform the lives of as many as 1,000 people by delivering fresh, accessible water. This not only reduces the risk of life-threatening waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery but also acts as a catalyst for overall community well-being. From bolstering the local economy and enhancing educational opportunities to fostering agricultural growth, the positive ripple effects are boundless.

Our Mission: Embrace Relief has pinpointed numerous wells in critical need of restoration. To date, we’ve successfully rejuvenated more than 189 water wells, giving hope back to over 189,000 people. However, we can’t do it alone – we need your support to amplify our efforts and reinstate clean water access for thousands facing dire circumstances.

The Impact of Your Support: Each Fountain of Hope costs $1300, and your donation can spearhead the revitalization of a community today, offering a fresh start and the promise of a brighter future. Additionally, by donating a Fountain of Hope, you have the opportunity to name your water well, allowing the name of your choice to live on for years to come. Join us in this transformative journey, where every drop creates a ripple of positive change.

Instead of paying $1300 at once, you now have the option to pay in smaller instalments over a time frame of your choice!

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    You now have the option to pay in smaller installments over a time frame of your choice!

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