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Donation for Refugee Relief

Donation for Refugee Relief

Donate today and let refugee families in Greece know that they are not alone. Your gift will help Embrace Relief provide housing to these families, allowing them to rebuild their lives safely and with dignity.

Refugee Relief

The global refugee crisis continues to grow each year as conflict, violence, political persecution, and climate change disrupt the lives of millions of people each year. As of mid-2023, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees estimated that over 110 million people worldwide were currently forcibly displaced from their homes.

Wherever they are, refugees live in a state of flux. They are vulnerable, struggling to find stable living situations while navigating an unfamiliar society and often an unfamiliar language. Many report feeling alone, isolated from supportive communities.

Since 2014, Embrace Relief has worked to build these communities. Our Refugee Relief program has met critical basic needs for hundreds of thousands of refugees in some of the world’s most challenging situations, including:

  • Syrian refugees living in Turkey and Iraq
  • Internally displaced persons in Yemen
  • Rohingya refugees in Myanmar
  • Turkish refugees in Greece

In their time of greatest need, Embrace Relief and donors like you have provided

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Water
  • Children’s education
  • Language translation services
  • Legal services
  • And much more

As of 2024, Embrace Relief’s Refugee Relief program is focused primarily on covering housing costs for refugee families in Greece. You can show your support for these brave people by donating to Embrace Relief’s Refugee Relief program above. We all deserve to live freely, safely, and with dignity, and your gift can help make this a reality! Donate today and give our refugee friends a bit of stability in an unstable world.

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