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Emergency Housing for Refugees Fundraiser

Emergency Housing for Refugees Fundraiser

Help us place refugees into emergency housing until we help them find a place to live. We also provide pro-bono lawyers and translators to assist with their search and asylum paperwork and place the children into school.

We live in the worst refugee crisis in history, with over 80 million people worldwide forcibly displaced due to conflict, often with very little money and nothing to their name. Many are single mothers with children, and the incredibly hazardous, sometimes even fatal trip is often done overnight. Many don’t know that many refugees are doctors, lawyers, and professionals simply looking for freedom and safer, brighter futures for themselves and their families. This is why Embrace Relief has stepped in, providing these vulnerable souls with the following:

  • Food, water, and shelter
  • Translators to help them fill out paperwork and find new homes (significant during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the refugees’ inability to social distance in overpopulated refugee camps)
  • Putting the children into school
  • Pro-bono lawyers who provide them with legal advice along the way

Please Donate Today

So, please donate today to provide these refugees all of these incredibly vital things and more! Every minute, twenty more people are forcibly displaced, so there are always many more refugees who could use your help! By doing so, you’re not only helping them survive but pave prosperous futures and contribute to their new communities.

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