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Of Refugees In Greece

Refugees come from all ages, genders and backgrounds, united by the hope of a better life ahead. With your support, they can rebuild their lives.

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Now, we’d like to tell you about some of the refugees we’ve served in Greece. Their stories are powerful, heart-wrenching, human. Their lives have been upended, but they move forward with grace, strength, and faith. And the support of people like you has made an enormous impact on their lives.

Before I Was A Refugee…

I Was A Researcher.

“ I have degrees in biology and chemistry, and I worked in laboratories for 15 years. It is my dream to work in the medical field again! ”.

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I Was A Teacher.

“ I wanted to help the next generation have access to education with good morals and values ”

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I Was A Nurse.

“ I have always wanted to help people and I had that in Turkey when I was a nurse.”.

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Before I Was A Refugee…

Thanks to our donors, Embrace Relief and our partner organizations have been able to provide:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Educational Services
to thousands of refugees in the country since 2013.

Since 2013 we have:

  • Provided 1,419,022+ with psychological and legal support.
  • Enrolled 302 in English courses.
  • Provided 1,000+ refugee families with monthly rent assistance.
  • Enrolled over 4,600 refugee children in the free online education program, First Bricks.
  • Distributed 5,500+ food packages.
  • Love From Greece

    “ When I receive a food package, I know that someone is thinking of us and supporting us. Which means there are people who care about us. This is so precious.”
    – Hazan

    “ I think the most important help I receive from organizations is rent assistance. This is the most important because I don’t have any income, so I would have no way to pay my rent […] Thank you for your support!
    – Rabia

    “ When we arrived here, we had nothing and no opportunity to improve our condition. My children and I might be homeless if you didn’t support us. I really appreciate your support, thank you. ”
    – Nazli

    “ Embrace Relief is very important for the refugee people, especially touching the children’s lives. The foundation is helping me with my responsibilities to my children because they send us food packages with snacks and presents for children. You are saving us.
    – Pervin