Providing Healthcare to Galaxie Orphanage

Embrace Relief is pleased to announce we are now funding healthcare for all orphans of Galaxie Orphanage in The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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We have achieved our goal for this campaign.

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It’s tough enough losing both parents to famine and diseases like HIV/AIDS, like millions of children in Africa. Right from the get-go, such children find themselves facing uncertainty concerning where their next meal is coming from and a disadvantage in life through no fault of their own. For that very reason, Embrace Relief already supports 130 children across three orphanages in Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of the Congo. That way, children who have lost both their homes and parents have food, water, shelter, hygienic products like bath soap and toothpaste, an education, among other basic human rights on a regular basis.

The Importance of Healthcare

But that’s not all orphans and underprivileged children need to get a foothold in life. Health insurance is of utmost importance to protect against unexpected, costly medical services and costs due to severe accidents or illnesses. It also significantly reduces child mortality. Unfortunately, however, orphans and underprivileged children’s families can’t afford this necessity. Therefore, Embrace Relief is pleased to announce we are now funding healthcare for all the children of Galaxie Orphanage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo! 


This one-year health insurance covers:

  • Specialized consultations: internal medicine, pediatrics, gyneco-obstetrics, ultrasound surgery, ophthalmology
  • Medical care
  • Vaccination
  • The supply of essential drugs

Please Donate Today

Our goal is to raise $3,600, so please consider donating today to help us reach that momentous goal. When you contribute to the cause, you’re not just providing vulnerable children in Africa with healthcare, you’re literally saving their very lives!