Raise The Children

Have you ever thought about how many kids in the world don’t have homes or regular meals? It’s a heart-breaking thought, but not a hopeless one. Raise the Children is a program dedicated to aiding these kids in all aspects of life, including food, overall health, hygiene, and beyond. Raise the Children will ensure that every child in an orphanage will not only be taken care of but also provided with the tools to reclaim their childhood.

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Aiding Children in Africa in Desperate Need

Tens of millions of children in Africa continue to struggle every single day, losing either one or both parents to diseases like HIV/AIDS and ongoing conflicts in their countries. As a result, and also due to the lack of resources throughout the sub-Saharan region, these children must fight daily to find food, water, and shelter, an endless, overwhelming struggle that can convince them no one will ever care for them or see them for who they really are: Children who just want to play, laugh, and be loved. Thankfully, Embrace Relief has stepped in, supplying as many children as possible with everything they need to get a foothold on life, grow, learn, and carve a bright future for themselves.

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Future Stars : Providing Healthcare to Vulnerable Children in Tanzania

It’s tough enough being an orphan or growing up in an impoverished household. Right from the get-go, such children find themselves at a disadvantage in life through no fault of their own.


Hiari Orphanage-Tanzania

The Hiari Orphanage is located in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. This orphanage is home to 40 children of different ages and levels of education. Most of these children do not know their parents and have started their lives in this orphanage.



The Foundation Galaxie Orphanage is located in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This orphanage was first opened in 2014, bringing in 20 children.


Providing Healthcare to Galaxie Orphanage

Embrace Relief is pleased to announce we are now funding healthcare for all orphans of Galaxie Orphanage in the Republic of the Congo!


Raise the Children

You have the incredible and selfless opportunity today to support an entire orphanage! If you would like to become a beacon of hope for these children, your all-inclusive monthly donation will cover food, hygienic products, healthcare, and utility bills.


Amani Orphanage Fundraiser

Help the children at Amani Orphanage to grow into confident, independent adults by making a donation. An investment in these children’s future is an investment in Tanzania’s future.


Coverage of costs for general necessities that benefit the function of the orphanage, including gas, charcoal, water and electrical bills.
Products for growth, health, and good condition. Includes: beans, rice, maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oils, and various spices.
Items for personal and overall hygiene. Includes: bath soap, toothpaste, and disinfectants.
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Embrace Relief’s Raise the Children campaign has supported over 1,000 orphans throughout Haiti, Burundi, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania, and currently supports 100 orphans in the Hiari and Amani orphanages in Tanzania and 30 in Galaxie Foundation orphanage in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. In particular we provide:

  • coverage of orphanages’ costs for general necessities, including gas, charcoal, water, and electric bills
  • Products for growth, health, and good condition, including beans, rice, maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oils, and various spices
  • Items for personal and overall hygiene, such as bath soap, toothpaste, and disinfectants
  • Health insurance to protect against any unexpected, highly expensive medical services and costs due to serious accidents or illnesses
  • Funds for the children’s education and each individual child’s needs so they not only survive, but have the opportunity to grow and contribute to their communities.
We have also delivered toys and clothing to 140 orphaned children in Yemen.

Donate For Children Today


Although Embrace Relief has provided so much and continues to do so for vulnerable children, they and their orphanages need funding to continue to run and new children are arriving every single day. Please consider donating today to help not only support vulnerable children when nobody else will, but fuel their growth and help them forge bright futures.

Donate For Children Today

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning
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