NOTICE: With the stress that COVID-19 has put into the world, children are the most confused population as to what is going on. You can help children just be children by donating $25 to provide food, clothing, healthcare, and cover orphanages’ bills.

Raise The Children

Currently, there are approximately 140 million orphans worldwide, with an estimated 52 million in Africa alone. Raise the Children is a program dedicated to caring for orphans around the world. Raise the Children will ensure that every child in an orphanage will be taken care of and provided the means to reclaim their childhood. Embrace Relief provides orphans school supplies, food, clothing, healthcare, and covers costs of the orphanages’ bills such as gas, water, electric, and more.

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The chart below shows the estimated monthly budget for one orphanage. With a budget of $1200, these funds will cover the cost of alimentary products, hygiene items and general necessities.


Coverage of costs for general necessities that benefit the function of the orphanage, including gas, charcoal, water and electrical bills.


Products for nourishment, including beans, rice, maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, and various spices.


Items for personal and overall hygiene, including products such as bath soap, powdered soap, toothpaste, and disinfectant.







For many orphaned children, life doesn’t come easy. Every day is a struggle, due to the lack of funding and resources the orphanage has access to. Unfortunately, some children are not even able to eat or practice proper hygiene due to a lack of supplies and facilities. Children deserve to be children, innocent and not having to worry about being extremely vulnerable and fighting for survival. Upon making a contribution to Raise the Children, you will have a choice to send funds to the Hiari Orphanage in Tanzania; the Nisaau Ahlil Jannah Charity Foundation in Nigeria; or the Foundation Galaxie: Orphelinat Mer Ter in the Democratic Republic of Congo. No matter the selection, the program will help change lives, and let children be children.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

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The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of thousands of victims ranging from a 7-week old baby to 95 years old. The Center for Disease Control urges that everyone practice social distancing and self-isolation – unfortunately, this is not an option for everyone. This is especially difficult for children in orphanages since many share bedrooms, bathrooms, and common area spaces.

Embrace Relief directly works with 3 orphanages: The Hiari Orphanage located in Tanzania that houses 40 children, the Nisaau Ahlil Jannah Charity Foundation in Northern Nigeria that houses 60 children, and the Foundation Galaxie Orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo that houses 20 children.

Embrace Relief provides the orphanages with food and hygienic products for the children as well as utility expenses to alleviate any financial strain they might be facing. During this time of worldwide quarantine, we must all work together to keep the generation of the future safe and healthy.

Donate for Children Today!