Raise The Children

Have you ever thought about how many kids in the world don’t have homes or regular meals? It’s a heart-breaking thought, but not a hopeless one. Raise the Children is a program dedicated to aiding these kids in all aspects of life, including food, overall health, hygiene, and beyond. Raise the Children will ensure that every child in an orphanage will not only be taken care of but also provided with the tools to reclaim their childhood.

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Raise The Children Projects

Our Approach


Coverage of costs for general necessities that benefit the function of the orphanage, including gas, charcoal, water and electrical bills.


Products for growth, health, and good condition.  Includes: beans, rice, maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oils, and various spices.


Items for personal and overall hygiene.  Includes: bath soap, toothpaste, and disinfectants.

Our Impact


For many orphaned children, life doesn’t come easy. Every day is a struggle, due to the lack of funding and resources orphanages have access to. Thus far, we have been able to help 2,336 children and provide them with food, hygienic products, healthcare, and payment for their utility bills. Children deserve to be children, innocent, and not having to worry about being extremely vulnerable and fighting for survival.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning