International Hunger Relief

Hunger is an unfortunate fact of life. Though the world produces more than enough food for every person on the planet, millions of people around the world go to bed each night on an empty stomach. This is why Embrace Relief’s International Hunger Relief campaign continues throughout the calendar year. Together with our partners in dozens of countries around the world, Embrace Relief is working to provide food packages and hot meals to people in need wherever they live.

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Donation Packages

Listed below are the prices of a Qurbani share for each region. (Prices differ due to local market conditions):

Qurbani 2023 Africa Flag

Where Most Needed: $175

Qurbani 2023 Yemen Flag

Yemen: $265

Qurbani 2023 Greece Flag

Greece: $265

Qurbani 2023 USA Flag

USA: $265

Each year, donations from generous people like you allow us to ease the hunger of more than 100,000 people globally. And when it comes to helping people living with hunger, the best time to help is right now. Donate today and you can give food - and hope - to families in need all around the world!

100,000 People Fed In 12 Countries In 2022

So donate today. You can send a family a Qurbani today and allow them to celebrate this important occasion along with millions of others across the world. You will be their shining light through their dark times and bring them happiness and hope today!

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