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Hunger is an unfortunate fact of life. Globally, millions of people go to bed on an empty stomach every day. It is a crisis that affects every single country on the planet. And it is a crisis that each of us can address by giving what we can, and easing hunger wherever we find it.

That is the mission of Embrace Relief International Hunger Relief: Qurbani 2024 campaign. During this holy time of sacrifice and support for those less fortunate, we will be sharing meat packages with tens of thousands of families around the world. Donating to this campaign will make a critical difference in easing the hunger of families everywhere, just as it did in 2023: last year, the generosity of donors like you allowed Embrace Relief to deliver meat packages to more than 122,000 people in 19 countries spanning five continents.

In 2024, with your help, we aim to reach even more people and give hope to some of our most vulnerable, struggling friends around the world. Each Qurbani donation is distributed among eight families; for many, this will be their only opportunity to access fresh, nutritious meat this year. Every dollar you donate is a priceless gift for a family in need, so give today!

122,000 people

in 19 countries provided nutritious meat packages during Qurbani 2023

Embrace Relief and Qurbani: FAQ

Click on these frequently asked questions about Qurbani to learn more:

Embrace Relief accepts Qurbani donations from Muslims anywhere in the world. Simply click the “Donate” button on the top of this page and complete the donation form, including the name of the person in whose name you are donating Qurbani.

Yes. Using Embrace Relief’s donation form, you may complete your donation via credit card, check, or through Zelle.

Yes. You may make as many donations in another’s name as you wish. Each individual donation should be made separately so that you may receive receipts for each.

In accordance with Islamic teachings and law, Embrace Relief and our partners will carry out Qurbani sacrifices during Eid al-Adha, following the call to prayer. Meat will be delivered fresh to families and communities in need immediately after.

Embrace Relief is planning to distribute Qurbani meat packages to at least 19 countries in 2024. This will be achieved through collaboration with our worldwide network of partners, who will be able to identify communities and families who need it most.

Each Embrace Relief Qurbani meat package includes approximately 7 to 10 kilograms of fresh meat, providing up to two weeks’ worth of meals for a family of five.

Yes. The dropdown menu on our donation page allows you to select one of five options to direct your Qurbani sacrifice: Africa, United States, Yemen, refugees in Greece, and “Where Most Needed.” Note that selecting “Where Most Needed” allows Embrace Relief the flexibility of delivering meat packages to one of the above listed regions, or to other partner countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, or Brazil.

Meat package costs are subject to local market factors and availability. Embrace Relief works diligently to keep costs as affordable for donors as is reasonably possible.

Make an impact and donate today!

Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Africa

Africa Qurbani 2024

Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Yemen

Yemen Qurbani 2024

Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Greece

Greece Qurbani 2024

Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in USA

USA Qurbani 2024

Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Where Most Need

Where Most Need Qurbani 2024

Where You Can Make An Impact in 2024

Qurbani in Africa

More than 300 million people in Africa – roughly the population of the United States – lives with food insecurity, and nearly half of these people face “acute” food insecurity, meaning they are at immediate risk for starvation. Generations of poverty, climate change, and conflict throughout the continent have created a hunger crisis.

Every donation makes a difference in someone’s life, so join us and help brighten the future for thousands of people across Africa.

57,000 people

benefitting from Qurbani 2023 food packages
Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Africa

Qurbani in Yemen

As Yemen enters the 10th year of a brutal civil conflict that continues to displace and cause misery for millions of people, more than half the country’s population of 33 million cannot afford food.

Many Yemenis can survive only because of the generosity of donors like you, and humanitarian aid organizations like Embrace Relief. Donate today and be a shining light in a dark time for Yemen.

2,300 people

benefitting from Qurbani 2023 food packages
Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Yemen

Qurbani in Greece

When someone becomes a refugee, the most difficult task they face is finding a way to provide their families with the basics of life while navigating an unfamiliar country. For a community of refugees currently living in Greece, Embrace Relief provides the support they need to rebuild their lives.

That includes ensuring that every refugee family is free from hunger as they navigate this challenging time in their lives. Donate Qurbani to Greece and give a refugee family the security and the feeling of support that can make a critical difference.

3,350 people

benefitting from Qurbani 2023 food packages
Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Greece

Qurbani in USA

Helping the world starts with helping our closest neighbors. Even in a country as wealthy as the United States, where Embrace Relief is based, far too many people are struggling to afford the basics of life, such as healthy food. An estimated 1 in 8 U.S. households are food insecure, with millions of children facing nutritional challenges as they grow up.

Donate today and we can ensure that even more of our nearest neighbors have the food they need to thrive!

21,400 people

benefitting from Qurbani 2023 food packages
Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in USA

Qurbani Where Most Needed

Hunger affects every country on the planet, and Embrace Relief will be working with partner organizations throughout our worldwide network to provide meat packages during this upcoming Qurbani. By making a “Where Most Needed” donation, you enable Embrace Relief to provide meat packages to families in one of Embrace Relief’s 20-plus partner countries, depending on where the current need is greatest. All people should go to bed on a full stomach, no matter where they live, and you can help make this a reality this Qurbani.

Donate today and help families around the world survive and thrive!

Hunger Relief Qurbani 2024 in Where Most Need

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