Hunger Relief
Qurbani 2023

The World Hunger Crisis

Hunger is an unfortunate fact of life. Humans produce more than enough food for all of us, but there are still millions of people globally who go to bed each night on an empty stomach. You can help change this. Donate to Embrace Relief’s International Hunger Relief campaign and help us provide much-needed food packages and hot meals around the world. Each year, we reach more than 100,000 people across nearly two dozen countries. Donate today and you can give food – and hope – to families in need.

Each Qurbani donation is distributed among eight families and can supply a family with meat-based protein for up to one year. Last year, Embrace Relief provided this aid to nearly 100,000 people in a dozen countries – and we want to have an even greater reach in 2023! For many recipients, this may be their only opportunity to acquire meat all year. Every dollar you donate is priceless for a family in need, so give today!



people fed during Qurbani 2022

The number of people in Africa living with severe food insecurity is approximately 350 million – greater than the entire population of the United States. Generations of poverty, climate change, and conflict throughout the continent have created a hunger crisis.

Every donation makes a difference in someone’s life, so join us and help brighten the future for thousands of people across Africa.



people fed during Qurbani 2022

The world’s worst humanitarian crisis continues in Yemen, thanks to a nine-year conflict that continues to afflict the country. Millions of people have been displaced and lost their incomes over the last decade, and more than half the country’s population cannot afford food.

Many Yemenis can survive only because of the generosity of donors like you, and humanitarian aid organizations like Embrace Relief. Donate today and be a shining light in a dark time for Yemen.



people fed during Qurbani 2022

When someone becomes a refugee, the most difficult task they face is finding a way to provide their families with the basics of life while navigating an unfamiliar country.

By donating for Qurbani 2023, you can give a refugee family in Greece the opportunity to rebuild their lives, free from hunger.



people fed during Qurbani 2022

Helping our neighbors is an important part of being human, and even in a country as wealthy as the United States, many of our neighbors are struggling and need your support. There are an estimated 38 million Americans who are food insecure, including 14 million children.

Donate today and we can ensure that even more of our nearest neighbors have the food they need to thrive!