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Refugee Relief

Refugee Relief

Wars, conflicts, religious or political persecution, and human rights violations force people to flee their homes and communities to start a new life. Often starting a new life with nothing but the clothes on their backs, these refugees struggle to receive even basic human rights. Greece refugee statistics for 2019 was 80,468, a 30.93% increase from 2018, according to Macrotrends.


Donate to help provide assistance for refugees who fled to Greece due to conflict in their own countries. So far, we’ve provided the following support for refugees, but there are still so many more who need aid!

●     Provided 1,419,022+ with psychological and legal support

●     Enrolled 302 in English courses

●     Provided 280 refugee families with monthly rent assistance

●     Enrolled over 3,200 refugee children in the free online education program, First Bricks

●     Distributed 2,240 gift bags for refugee children

●     And much more!

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