Support Embrace Relief every time you shop at Walmart with Spark Good!

Embrace Relief has partnered with Walmart’s Spark Good to offer shoppers everywhere the opportunity to support wonderful humanitarian causes every time they make a purchase on or in the Walmart app. Through this program, you can round up the cost of your purchase to the nearest dollar, and donate the difference to Embrace Relief in support of our many worldwide programs!

How does it work?

It is simple and easy to use! All you have to do is follow the steps below to select Embrace Relief as your Spark Good charity of choice. Once you’ve completed these steps, every subsequent purchase you make on or the Walmart app will invite you to “round up” your purchase to the nearest dollar at checkout.

Those extra cents will be donated to Embrace Relief, contributing to our global effort of providing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable populations around the world. Make a difference and donate while you shop!

Step-by-Step guide (desktop/mobile browser):

1. Create/log into your Walmart account.

2. Type into the address bar (or click this link) and search for Embrace Relief:

3. Click on “Embrace Relief Foundation Inc”. This will bring you to a side screen, which will allow you to select Embrace Relief as your Spark Good charity of choice. Click “Select my charity” or “Update my charity” here to choose Embrace Relief.

4. Every time you make a purchase at or the Walmart mobile app, check the box on the checkout page to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar, with the proceeds going to Embrace Relief:

And that’s it! You can do a little bit of good with every purchase you make, thanks to Walmart and Embrace Relief!