Start a Group FUNdraiser

Starting a Group FUNdraiser is quick and easy! Just form a group of 3 or more people with anyone you like — your friends, family, classmates, team members, colleagues, employees, whomever! Then choose one of Embrace Relief’s ongoing campaigns that benefit people in need around the globe that you and your group feel passionate about and fill out an application!

Why Start a Group Fundraiser?

The purpose of our Group FUNdraising projects are to encourage and promote community participation and interest in our ongoing projects. There are so many wonderful reasons to start a Group Fundraiser. For example:

  1. It aids hundreds—if not thousands—of people most in need around the world.
  2. Your group will receive the opportunity to visit the country/place you’re fundraising to help directly with implementing the program, become immersed in the culture of the place, experience a new way of life, develop an appreciation for others, and witness the positive change you’re making. (This opportunity is certainly not a requirement, however.)
  3. You and your group become official volunteers for Embrace Relief. Remember to include this on college applications and resumes as it shows leadership, determination, dedication, and compassion.
  4. Start a Group FUNdraiser to refine your skills, meet new people, and find opportunities and adventure!
  5. Those who are 13-24 years old * have the opportunity to sign up for the Congressional Award program.**


Embrace Relief is now accepting applications for school & community GroupFUNdraisers across the United States! Now it’s even easier to be a part of the effort for benevolence.
Raise Funds
Embrace Relief makes this process easy so you can concentrate on humanitarianism.
Take A Trip
Although this is certainly not a requirement, there is nothing quite like actually seeing how your efforts made a difference to locals in countries such as Kenya or Tanzania.