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The purpose of our Group FUNdraising projects are to encourage, and promote community participation and interest in our ongoing projects. By establishing a project through Embrace Relief, you are contributing to a worldwide effort to help those in need.

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Cataract is a progressive disease of the eye that causes blurry vision and eventually complete blindness.  Due to the lack of access to proper healthcare, almost 800,000 people suffer from cataracts in Mali, Africa and are forced to live in isolated darkness. Through Embrace Relief, every surgery is $100. This covers the cost of the surgery and a post-surgery checkup. These surgeries are done by professional and certified doctors. If you are not a doctor, you can still travel to assist with the checkups. Travel Options: Mali

Water Well

Water is a necessity for human survival and a basic human right. Over 2 billion people in Africa not have access to clean water or must travel miles to retrieve it every day. Lack of clean water results in water-borne diseases that can lead to death such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and more. Through Embrace Relief, your group can build a sustainable water well that will supply useable water to 1,000 people. Upon completion, your group can name the water well after the group name or in memoriam of someone. Travel Options: Tanzania, Chad, Cameroon

School Supplies

There are millions of families around the world who do not have the financial means to equip their children with school supplies. Supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, highlighters, and more are necessary tools for succeeding in school. Travel Options: Schools near your group in the United States


Orphans are among one of the most vulnerable populations in the world. Often feeling forgotten and left behind, they lose their excitement for life at an early age. Through Embrace Relief, you can restore this light in their lives by renovating an orphanage. This includes renovating, painting, planting, and distributing food. Travel Options: Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda

Health Checkup

There is an alarming lack of access to proper healthcare around the world. Millions of people go through their entire lives without something as simple as a basic checkup. Through Embrace Relief, your group can raise funds to provide professional checkups to underserved populations. Each checkup costs as little as $3. You have the option to travel to the place you are raising money to assist with checkups by helping the doctors transport supplies and keep everything in order. Travel Options: Mali, Uganda, and Kenya


Libraries are the cornerstone of learning and knowledge. Unfortunately, there are millions of students around the world that do not have access to libraries. Your group has the opportunity to travel to a location to build a library, fill it with furniture (chairs, shelves, tables, etc.), and stock it with books and computers. This Group FUNdraiser includes acquiring 2,000 books in English and 2,000 books in the local language of the country. Furthermore, in conjunction with our ACT-US program, the library will receive 15 educationally pre-installed computers. These computers include learning programs for math, science, coding, reading, and art as well as life skills such as hygiene, agriculture, and personal finance. A library requires at least $10,000 fundraised to be completed. Travel Options: Tanzania and Kenya



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