Embrace Relief is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which collaborates with volunteers to deliver humanitarian aid and disaster relief to vulnerable communities around the world. In accordance with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our teams offer relief in the form of financial, emotional and physical support, in order to meet the needs of people ravaged by disaster and other misfortune. The foundation collects and distributes supplies to families, individuals and institutions.


Delivering research-based, sustainable solutions to achieve immediate and lasting improvements in situations of humanitarian emergency and improving the quality of life of individuals and communities enduring chronic hardships.


Driven by a strong belief in the power of comprehensive development, Embrace Relief is committed to creating a lasting impact in the lives of individuals locally and globally. We implement research-based programs to achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in the lives of those in need. By constantly using research and closely engaging with those we serve, our innovative approach ensures we deliver the most beneficial services.


Embrace Relief was initially conceived and supported by individuals who are inspired by the ideals and principles of the Hizmet Movement. Embrace Relief has grown over the years and became an internationally recognized relief organization, which receives donations and support from people of various religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and works to bring relief to people of need regardless of race, religion or gender to improve their quality of life.



We help people around the globe at their most dire moments, save and protect their lives, alleviate suffering and protect human dignity.


We work for the incorporation of needs and perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds and value the contributions of each and every human being.


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, class, national origin, religion, gender, or political opinions.


We are autonomous and do not accept any political or ideological influence.

Voluntary Service

We are not profit oriented. We aim to promote peace, understanding, cooperation and solidarity through voluntary service



We work on developing sustainable solutions to address the most pressing needs of communities and leaving a lasting impact on the lives of human beings.


We ensure maintenance of openness and accountability in all our actions.


We are dedicated to promoting novel and creative solutions which offer effective solutions to crises and vulnerabilities.


We work together with partners to make fundamental changes in the living conditions of people in need and increase our capacity to address pressing human needs around the globe.