Disaster Relief

Embrace Relief was originally founded as a disaster relief organization in 2013 to help victims of natural disasters in the US and to respond to emergency situations in a timely manner. Over time, our disaster relief efforts expanded to other countries and continents.

$1.3M+ Donated!

In times of significant natural disasters, Embrace Relief creates campaigns to alleviate immediate suffering, and provides food, water, clothing, and funds to repair and restore lives. To this day, over $1.3M was spent for disaster relief efforts around the globe.

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Disaster Relief Projects

Natural Disasters

Every year over 25.8 million people are affected by a natural disaster across the world


The vast majority of disasters are linked to high-impact weather and hydrological events as well as climate extremes, including rapid-onset hazards such as tropical cyclones and slow-onset hazards such as droughts


Floods are the number one deadly disaster in the United States accounting for over 46 percent of disaster-related deaths according to disaster facts

Our Impact


Building a community of educated women will plant the seeds of change. When these changes take root, they will fuel the momentum needed to create a sustainable future. Currently, we have 27 women in the R.I.S.E. program. 76 women in Haiti and Kenya were taught to make jewelry, sew, and run a business on eBay.
Our program enables women to harness their full potential and thrive in their future endeavors.