Every year, natural disasters such as floods, tornados, wildfires, etc. affect approximately 180 million people worldwide, causing displacement, property destruction, injury, and death. Because of this, Embrace Relief was originally founded in 2013 to aid people impacted by all kinds of unforeseen disasters, natural and manmade, domestically and abroad. To date we have spent $1.4 million for disaster relief efforts and helped over 422,610 people not just survive, but rebuild their lives in the wake of such tragedies, including those greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Embrace Relief Helps

We prioritize speed and efficiency when responding to disasters, providing food, water, clothing, and financial resources to those impacted. To date we have aided people devastated by the following:

  • Greece, California, and Australia wildfires
  • Tennessee and Ohio tornados
  • Indonesia tsunami and earthquake
  • Texas, Bosnia, and Serbia floods
  • Albania earthquake
  • Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas
  • Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas
  • Bastrop County wildfire
  • Hurricane Laura
  • Typhoon Ulysses
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic
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Our Impact

In times of significant natural disasters, Embrace Relief creates campaigns to alleviate immediate suffering, and provides food, water, clothing, and funds to repair and restore lives. To this day, because of your generosity, over $1.4M was donated to disaster relief efforts around the globe. So far, Embrace Relief has helped more than 422,610 people, and we wouldn’t have done this without you..

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Disaster Relief and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Embrace Relief’s Disaster Relief program is designed in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are a blueprint for achieving a peaceful, prosperous, equitable and sustainable future for all of humanity, and together the 17 goals serve as targets for worldwide cooperation to meet and overcome the greatest challenges we face. All of Embrace Relief’s programs contribute to the realization of at least two SDGs.

Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief
Embrace Relief’s Disaster Relief campaigns contribute to:
No Poverty

Survivors of natural disasters often are forced from their homes, lose their incomes, and do not have immediate access to resources. Our program of providing both short- and long-term aid has helped more than 3.5 million survivors focus on rebuilding their lives.

Zero Hunger

Our GradPlus program supports students pursuing vocational and technical education that will propel them into productive professional careers.



Urgent help needed for victims of Afghanistan earthquake

Because of the scale of the destruction from this disaster, the people of Afghanistan need our support immediately. Embrace Relief is working with aid agencies in the country to deliver much-needed supplies to the people and communities hit hardest.


Himalayan Glacier Burst in India

Government officials air-dropped food packets and medicines to at least two flood-hit villages but there are still a lot of people and villagers who need help. Help us reach out to more victims and show them that they are not alone in this!


Stronger Together 2

We’re looking to go even bigger with a second fundraiser on April 14, 2021 —#StrongerTogether 2.0—which aims to assist the millions of people still struggling financially from the pandemic!


Typhoon in Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan struck Philippines on Friday, November 8th with a wind of 200 mph, leaving the country in a devastating condition.


Earthquake in Van, Turkey

Embrace Relief immediately started a campaign to help victims of earthquake in Van, Turkey. The Turkish-American community felt sad about the strong earthquake which struck eastern Turkey with a 7,2 magnitude in 2011.


Earthquake in Haiti

Embrace Relief sent 119 volunteers to help the victims of earthquake in Haiti. Embrace Relief was the first organization to distribute food after earthquake.


Maui Wildfire Disaster

The people of the state of Hawaii are in urgent need of help following the destructive and tragic wildfires that struck the islands of Maui and Hawaii on August 8-9.



Credit: Abdelhak Balhaki



Photographer: Zohra Bensemra


Kenya Flood Relief

The people of Kenya need the world’s help as they recover from November's devastating floods, which have killed more than 130 people and displaced more than 90,000 families.


Help Victims of Earthquake in Southern Turkey and Syria

The victims of the devastating Feb. 6 earthquakes in Turkey and Syria will continue to need the support of the world for many months to come. Embrace Relief has been on the ground in the earthquake zone since tragedy struck, and our efforts to provide much-needed food and shelter aid will continue for as long as they are needed. Please help us in healing the wounds of the people of Turkey and Syria.

Raised $2421430.37
Goal $2500000.00
Natural Disasters

Every year over 25.8 million people are affected by a natural disaster across the world


The vast majority of disasters are linked to high-impact weather and hydrological events as well as climate extremes, including rapid-onset hazards such as tropical cyclones and slow-onset hazards such as droughts


Floods are the number one deadly disaster in the United States accounting for over 46 percent of disaster-related deaths according to disaster facts

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COVID-19 Response

Although the world is catching a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel for the tragic COVID-19 pandemic, the highly infectious disease is still wreaking havoc around the globe. Millions of people are still becoming infected, hundreds of thousands are still dying, and millions are still struggling financially and to find their next meal. Thankfully, Embrace Relief has been a staunch supporter of those suffering from the pandemic from the very beginning. In 2020 we distributed to hospitals over 50,000 masks, 650,000 packs of antibacterial wet wipes, 800 face shields, 4,000 hot meals for frontline workers, 800 paper towels, and over 20 gallons of antibacterial soap. We also assisted over 80 families with monetary support and distributed over 18,000 food packages. In 2021 we’ve continued our support by distributing over 350,000 packs of antibacterial wet wipes to hospitals, police departments, universities, and shelters, among other places. Yet another significant contribution we made to those ailing in the wake of the coronavirus is the highly successful online fundraiser #StrongerTogether.


We hosted our highly successful online fundraiser #StrongerTogether in May 2020. It was live for almost four hours, was joined by over 5,000 people from all around the world, and featured 12 amazing speakers including Boston Celtics basketball player Enes Kanter, Chief Investigative Correspondent for Inside Edition Lisa Guerrero, Catholic Priest and Professor at Georgetown Thomas Michel, among others. They talked about a wide array of important topics such as how to stay positive during uncertain times, how the pandemic has affected the media industry, how to maintain the decrease in global warming when the quarantine is over, and more. The event raised a staggering $103,000, which provided thousands of people with food and financial support, and helped hospitals restock supplies. With such a whopping success on our hands, we’re looking to go even bigger with a second fundraiser in June 2021—#StrongerTogether 2.0—which aims to assist the millions of people still struggling financially from the pandemic.


A natural disaster is a natural environmental event that brings great damage or loss of life such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, sinkhole, or tsunami. Natural disasters happen all around the planet and have devastating impacts resulting in long-term problems.
There are many reasons that natural disasters occur which include weather patterns, air pressure, ocean currents, soil erosion, seismic activity, and tectonic movement. These natural occurrences can cause disastrous events such as tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.<
A Disaster Declaration is an official statement released by the county, state, or federal jurisdiction chief public official that an emergency situation exceeds their response capabilities. This declaration allows officials to exercise emergency powers to preserve life, property, and public health and safety.
The best way to help an area or people affected by a natural disaster is to donate to an accredited nonprofit, such as Embrace Relief, which has the ability to use funds for direct aid. Embrace Relief was originally founded as a disaster relief organization in 2008 and has grown to provide more services to a wider range of people in need.
When a disaster strikes, we follow a strict protocol on how to process the steps that follow. This includes connecting with already established or new partner organizations in the disaster area. Working with accredited grassroots NGOs directly allows us to ensure that your donations go directly to the people and places that need it most, without it being passed through a lot of peoples’ hands. We provide disaster relief assistance such as financial resources, food, water, and clothing.
  1. Stay Updated.
  2. Practice Safety Drills.
  3. Get All Important Documents Copied and Compiled.
  4. Know Escape Routes and Nearest Shelter Locations.
  5. Prepare An Emergency Bag.
  6. Stock Up on Food and Water.
  7. Charge Your Phone (and Pack Your Charger or have a portable charger ready for use).

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Although Embrace Relief has and continues to do so much to alleviate human suffering and help people restore their lives after unforeseen disasters, there are always people devastated somewhere in the world. So, please consider donating today to support our disaster relief efforts and help lift those who desperately need a helping hand.

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