Refugee Relief

The world is witnessing the worst refugee crisis in history… Over 70 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced – they are either refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) or asylum seekers. That means, 1 in 113 people on earth is fitting into one of these categories.

Wars, conflicts, religious/political persecution and human rights violations force people to flee their home and communities and start a new life somewhere else. Having to start their lives from scratch, these refugees oftentimes struggle to receive even basic human necessities.

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NOTICE: We are now instructed to stay at home because of COVID-19. However, refugees are not privileged to do social distancing because they are crammed in overcrowded, unsanitary camps. You can help refugees get enough food, housing, and hygienic supplies by contributing $25 today!

Our Impact

One of the biggest catalysts of this crisis is the ongoing civil war in Syria. Six years of armed conflict in that country forced more than half of the country’s 22 million citizens to flee their homes, and over 5.4 million of those people left for neighboring countries.

Embrace Relief has been organizing campaigns to help Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries since 2013 and has given relief to 1.4+ million refugees . To this day, 29 containers of relief goods were delivered to Syrian refugees in need, a private primary school for refugee children was financially supported, and a soup kitchen serving hot meal up to 4,000 refugees in the border town of Kilis, Turkey was sponsored for a whole year. Similarly, Embrace Relief has been working with local and national organizations in the US to help acclimate incoming refugees to the US and assisting families who have recently arrived in the country with guidance and material support.

Donate for refugee relief today!

Over 70 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced

Every minute 24 people are displaced around the world

1 in 113 people on earth are either refugees, IDPs, or asylum seekers