Our Accomplishments

Made possible thanks to the generosity of Embrace Relief’s donors.

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800+ Water Wells

Built and reconstructed in Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Pakistan

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1,689,000+ People

Provided with food packages and hot meals in more than 40 countries

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Disaster Relief Logo

877,000+ People

Assisted following natural disasters

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Health Logo

600,000+ People

In Mali received preventative care checkups

40,000+ People

In Mali received cataract surgeries

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Children Logo

1,600+ Orphaned Children

supported with food, water, shelter and education in Haiti, Burundi, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

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Refugee Logo

1,435,000+ Refugees

Aided with psychological support, housing, food packages, language classes, and legal support

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Education Logo

95,000+ Children

received educational support including technological resources, vocational training, books and basic school supplies.

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Women Empowerment Logo

177 Women

Provided with educational, financial, and material support to become local leaders and business owners in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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Favorite Gifts

Popular gifts people are giving

Gift a Cataract Surgery in Africa

Gift a Cataract Surgery in Africa

Fresh produce for U.S. families

Fresh produce for U.S. families

Life-saving insurance for orphaned children in Africa

Life-saving insurance for orphaned children in Africa

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Partner organizations support Embrace Relief’s mission and offer opportunities for students and employees to work together with us to achieve our goals. Click each logo to learn more.

Our Accreditations

Embrace Relief has been recognized as an accomplished charity nonprofit organization by several leading independent assessors. Click each logo to learn more.


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