Since 2008 Embrace Relief has had an immense impact all around the world by alleviating human suffering wherever it exists and facilitating the growth of the underserved. The amount of vulnerable people aided grows incrementally every single day, spanning eight main campaigns of hunger relief, disaster relief, refugee relief, clean water, women’s empowerment, health, children, and education. So, how are we so successful?

The Dynamic Triangle Approach

Embrace Relief is built on what we call The Dynamic Triangle Approach. It’s an approach that separates us from every other nonprofit organization out there and is the catalyst for what makes us so effective, unique, and special. It’s called The Dynamic Triangle Approach because it contains three main spokes, and all of them are necessary to keep Embrace Relief rolling strongly forward. Below are the three spokes:

  1. Donors—These are the incredibly generous, selfless people who donate to one or more of our many campaigns. Without them we would never have the funds to do the amazing things we do, like supply food packages to those unable to put food on the table, or support the education of women in Tanzania so they can obtain higher-level certificates in education that qualify them to become administrators in Tanzania’s public schools. Donors are the people who, even though they’re never physically seen, their presence is always felt. They always care, and are constantly checking up on their donations’ recipients to ensure they’re benefitting from them.
  2. Volunteers—These are the incredibly generous, selfless people who perform much of the hands-on work of helping those most in need around the world. For example, they hand-deliver the much-needed food packages to the hungry, or physically help build water wells so vulnerable people in Chad, Cameroon, or Nigeria have access to clean, sanitary water when they otherwise wouldn’t. Some are certified doctors who provide life-saving health checkups and perform cataract surgeries for people in Mali who lack access to basic health services in regions of extreme poverty. Our volunteers in the United States help behind the scenes at events, such as packing books to be delivered to underserved children and organizing food and other necessary items during our recent Harvest Trolley Mobile Market in New Jersey. Our volunteers are of different backgrounds, ages, and genders, and they all come together to serve those who are in need of Embrace Relief’s assistance.
  3. Partners/organizations—These are the companies and organizations who support our humanitarian initiatives. They assist in providing donations and/or volunteers to facilitate our humanitarian projects. The vast majority of our partners are grassroots organizations working directly in the affected region who we cooperate with on a regular basis to supply the necessary support. Because grassroots organizations directly engage with the people we serve, this enables us to provide the most effective and beneficial aid. Plus, we foster trustworthy relationships with them so our operations always run smoothly and efficiently. We’re also able to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of our initiatives through these organizations as well.

The Dynamics of the Dynamic Triangle Approach

How a new campaign is born and facilitated is always unique to the campaign. For example, sometimes our partners approach us first and ask for help, as is the case with our International Hunger Relief campaigns. In this case we then fundraise and send our partners the money and they distribute the food packages to the necessary local communities per country with the help of volunteers. Another example is our Mali Medical Center project, in which we reached out and formed a partnership with them. Basically, every campaign and partnership is unique, but they’re all born out of the virtue of helping those most in need around the world, and together we all determine and work hard to provide the most effective aid. Without all of our donors, volunteers, and partners, it would be impossible to continue to provide such impactful service to those who need it most.

Joining the triangle

This is where YOU come in. There are many ways you can join our dynamic triangle and start making a positive impact in the world today. Whichever role you choose— donor, volunteer, or partner/organization—you’re joining a powerful team that works together to supply the most effective worldwide humanitarian aid possible. Not only that, all three roles ensure our programs are sustainable into the future. With your help, together we can continue making progress for the world’s most in need and further impacting the world for the better.