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At Embrace Relief, we believe that action is the antidote to worldwide suffering. We pride ourselves on taking action wherever we feel we can have the most impact.Our corporate partners’ contributions allow us to make tremendous progress in promoting underprivileged humans’ growth, alleviating human suffering due to hunger, natural disasters, etc., and helping affected people rebuild their lives, both locally and globally. Our partners choose to work with us because of our highly unique and effective Dynamic Triangle Approach, which allows us to aid millions of people worldwide with a limited budget. And with eight main campaigns across 40 countries, we have a program for everyone—and every organization—to get behind.

Why Partner with Embrace Relief?

When you or your organization partner with Embrace Relief you join our mission of alleviating suffering through humanitarian aid worldwide. With eight main areas of focus including, education, children, clean water, hunger relief, refugee relief, disaster relief, education, and women’s empowerment, there is a program for everyone to get behind. To partner with Embrace Relief is to partner with an esteemed, trustworthy, and reliable organization.

There is a program for everyone to get behind. To partner with Embrace Relief is to partner with an esteemed, trustworthy, and reliable organization.

Hunger Relief


food packages provided at shelters and soup kitchens

Raise The Children


orphaned children in Haiti, Burundi, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania supported by providing food, water, and shelter

Clean Water


have drinkable water because of 480 water wells built



health check-ups and 3,700+ cataract surgeries

Disaster Relief


victims assisted in emergency scenarios

Women’s Empowerment


women in the R.I.S.E program and 76 women in Haiti and Kenya were taught to make jewelry, sew, and run a business on eBay.



refugee children provided educational and social skills via online classes

Refugee Relief


refugees aided with psycological suuport, housing, food packages, language classes, and legal support

How Our Corporate Partnerships Work

Embrace Relief will work with your company to devise a program that both effectively targets the humanitarian issue at hand and fully engages your company and employees. This may include one or more of the following:


Company proceeds can be donated or employees and/or colleagues can donate themselves to one of Embrace Relief’s many humanitarian campaigns.


Employees and/or colleagues can volunteer to directly support one of Embrace Relief’s many humanitarian campaigns, such as hand-delivering food packages to those who are hungry.Learn more.

Group FUNdraising

Set up a project in which employees and/or colleagues can donate and/or volunteer for one of Embrace Relief’s many humanitarian campaigns.Learn more.

Cause Marketing

Make products even more meaningful by allowing consumers to support underprivileged people through purchases.

Just as importantly, when we look to help a community, we don’t want to uplift them for just the moment. Our mission is to find ways to create sustainable change that each community can grow with and become self-supporting.

Want to know more about Embrace Relief? Over the years, Embrace Relief has:

Is an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureau
A Platinum rating on GuideStar
Run programs in over 45 countries
5 Stars on Great Nonporofits
Is Approved by InterAction
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Is Your Organization Looking to Make a True Impact?

Embrace Relief is ready to lock arms with you and take action to create a better tomorrow. Together, we can make the world a better, healthier, and happier place for us all!

Is Your Organization Looking to Make a True Impact?