Board of Directors

President: Nevzat Yilmaz, PhD

Dr. Yilmaz is a practicing CPA and firm director with over 30 years experience in accounting and business administration. He holds a Master’s degree in economics from Northeastern University, Boston and a PhD in accounting from Istanbul University.

Treasurer: Galip Kiyakli, MBA

Chief Operations Officer at Nema Food Dist. Inc with 20 years of diverse experience in all aspects of business administrations. Mr. Kiyakli holds a MBA from Point Park University, PA (2003) and a BSc in Environmental Engineering from Istanbul University (1996).

Member: William Alexander Morel, MFA

William A. Morel is an award-winning artist, currently holding the position of Associate Professor of Art and Design at St. John’s University. Before joining St. John’s, he developed editorials and documentaries for several international aid organizations such as the Pan American Health Organization (P.A.H.O.-W.H.O.), Organization of American States (OAS), and Accion International, among others. His personal work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1995.

Member: Walter Marin

Mr. Marin is the founder and President of Marin Architects, an architectural design firm since 1987. Having completed a BS/BA in Architecture in 1982, he proceeded to work with well-known architectural firms including the Howard Golden Firm prior to establishing Marin Associates, which later grew to become the Marin Architects firm.

Secretary and CEO: Osman Dulgeroglu

During Dulgeroglu’s tenure as CEO, he has expanded the organization’s reach to over 40 countries and extensively broadened Embrace Relief’s organizational focus. When Dulgeroglu joined Embrace Relief, the organization was primarily focused on disaster relief, and he is responsible for expanding the organization’s focus to include humanitarian relief initiatives including refugee relief, clean water, and global health initiatives, among others. With more than 20 years of experience in operations, leadership, management, and human resources, Dulgeroglu started his career in education management. Prior to joining Embrace Relief, Mr. Osman was CEO of the Dream School in Pittsburg and CEO of the Federation of Balkan American Associations. Mr. Dulgeroglu holds a BSc in Biology from Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey.