Women’s Empowerment

Promoting the economic empowerment of women must include supporting their full participation and development in order to ensure sustainable employment opportunities and independence for women in the future.

Women and girls represent a very high percentage of the world’s poor and sick, and often suffer higher rates of discrimination and violence. They continue to work for longer hours than men and earn less money. One thing is clear: “Women’s economic empowerment is essential for our collective future.

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Strengthening women’s economic empowerment is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable economic development and promoting growth. Empowering women and achieving true gender equality are essential components for a vibrant future.

Women’s economic participation and empowerment are essential to strengthening their rights, thereby enabling them to have control over their lives and exert influence in their communities.

Our Impact

Since 2014, we have organized professional sewing courses in Kenya. With our local partner, Lotus Welfare Association, we are committed to achieving gender equality by supporting women’s economic empowerment. Through this collaboration, we have had the opportunity to improve the lives of many vulnerable women and girls and break the vicious cycle of poverty caused by limited opportunities. Upon completion of the training program, participants can now reestablish their lives and open their own business or gain employment with sewing machines offered at the end of the program.

Many Haitian women craft beautiful jewelry and clothing. With vocational training in e-commerce, American women have launched their own businesses and sold their products on eBay.

Donate for women's empowerment today!

Gender equality is key to sustainable economic development and can only be achieved by empowering women. We believe that women are and will be agents of progress in our world.

We will continue to help more and more women become the independent and powerful agents they deserve to be, but we need your help.

Donate to our Women’s Empowerment campaign to ensure that women across many regions have the power to live sustainable lives for themselves and families.

Souvenirs of Hope

Beautiful bracelets and bags are handcrafted by women in one of our vocational training programs that empower women to become independent entrepreneurs to support themselves and their families and contribute to their communities. 

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

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