Easter Joel

As is the case in many other countries, teaching is a stable if not lucrative career in Tanzania. The average primary school teacher in the country earns the equivalent of $230 US dollars per month, slightly more than Tanzania’s median income. 

But for a group of people whose role in society is so important, and who work long hours to ensure their students’ success, most teachers are just about making ends meet. Many struggle to afford housing, food, and other necessities. And for teachers who wish to better themselves and advance their careers, paying for advanced education is an additional expense – and perhaps not a feasible one.

Easter Joel, a school teacher at the Igoma Primary School in Mwanza Region, Tanzania, is one of those teachers seeking knowledge and a professional path forward. She is studying to earn a diploma in School Quality Assurance from the ADEM School in Bagamoyo. 

Her success in the classroom during the first semester of the school year led to her being named one of 24 recipients of a scholarship from the Embrace Relief Foundation, which will pay her tuition fees and other expenses during the second semester.

Embrace Relief’s scholarship program at the ADEM School is designed to empower women in Tanzania, who remain under-represented in leadership positions in many fields. For women like Easter who are pursuing careers in education, Embrace Relief’s support can make the difference between being able to afford an education and not. 

“Getting this scholarship makes things easier for me,” Easter says. “I can use the tuition money for other things, which makes life easier. “

With the support of our donors, Embrace Relief aims to provide annual scholarships to more and more women in Tanzania as part of our R.I.S.E. (Reach.Inspire.Support.Educate.) women’s empowerment program. This first class of students – Easter’s class – is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long, successful partnership.

“This scholarship is helping me continue my studies without any disturbance,” Easter says. “We have many things that we need to that cost money. And so [the scholarship] is very good to me. I can say thank you so much, Embrace Relief, for this support. May God bless you