Future Stars : Providing Healthcare to Vulnerable Children in Tanzania

        It’s tough enough being an orphan or growing up in an impoverished household. Right from the get-go, such children find themselves at a disadvantage in life through no fault of their own. For that very reason, Embrace Relief already supports orphanages in Tanzania so children who have lost both their homes and parents have shelter, food, hygienic products, and an education on a daily basis.

         But that’s not all orphans and underprivileged children need to get a foothold on life. Health insurance is of utmost importance to protect against any unexpected, highly expensive medical services and costs due to serious accidents or illnesses. It also significantly reduces child mortality. Unfortunately, however, underprivileged children’s families can’t afford this necessity, which costs $25USD per year per child. Therefore, Embrace Relief has partnered with ISHIK Medical and Education Foundation to help provide healthcare to 3,000 children in both orphanages and poor households in Tanzania, Africa. Embrace Relief’s specific goal is to fund 180 children in Kigamboni Amani Orphanage, Alzam Orphanage, and Hiari Orphanage (60 children per orphanage).

The NHIF’s Benefits Package

         ISHIK Medical and Education Foundation and Embrace Relief have enlisted The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) for the underprivileged children. NHIF offers a comprehensive benefits package to its beneficiaries through accredited health facilities countrywide. The package includes 11 benefits: consultations, medicines and medical supplies, investigations and diagnostic tests (including ultrasound,  echocardiography, CT-scan, MRI and ultrasound), surgical services (including minor, major and specialized surgical services performed from health centers to referral level hospitals), inpatient care services (including ICU and HDU), physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, eye and optical services, spectacles, dental and oral health services (including dental conservation surgeries, gum diseases, dental extractions, root canal treatment, orthodontics and denture), retirees health benefits, and medical/orthopedic appliances (including white cane for blind people, neck and thoracic spine collars, hearing aids, lumbar cossets and braces, walking crutches, and leg orthopedic support).

Donate Today

         All said and done, ISHIK Medical and Education Foundation and Embrace Relief need $4,500 to medically insure 180 Tanzanian orphans. Please consider donating today to help us reach our goal so we can protect these poor children’s health so they’re free to pave long, prosperous, and happy lives.