The Last Day of World Hunger Month

World Hunger Month may be coming to an end but global starvation is not.  The fear of famine continues to loom over many countries, including Yemen, Tanzania, Greece, and even parts of the United States.  There is a lack of food causing starvation, but also a lack of hope that causes emotional starvation. Those who are experiencing this hunger crisis struggle and fight for their lives everyday, but hold on in hopes for a better future.  

Here at Embrace Relief, the generous donations from donors and volunteers turn this hope into a reality. Not only do they help those who are suffering, they also aid them in building a more secure and sustainable future.  When you donate, you do not only help feed their hunger but also their hope.

People of all ages need your help immediately.  Over 3.3 million children in Tanzania alone suffer on a daily basis from malnutrition.  In Greece, 1 million refugees struggle to find food. In 2018 alone, over 85,000 children died of starvation in Yemen, and a severe famine threatens 14 million Yemeni. And over 5.8 million households in the United States experience food insecurity.  

Embrace Relief not only supplies food but also hope. So many people suffer from a lack of food, but you can help them. When you send them a food package from our website you allow them to keep going by not only feeding them but by also giving them hope.

Thanks to our donors, Embrace Relief has been able to send 5,240 food packages, improving thousands of lives. With your continued help and support, we can lift the lives of many more struggling people, and build new hope for them.

To donate a food pack to a family in need today, Click Here.