Make your support go further with Embrace Relief’s Clean Water Initiative

Humans can’t live without clean water. Unfortunately, more than 800 million people around the world are forced to.

That’s why Embrace Relief began its Clean Water Initiative nearly a decade ago. We’re focused on building and rebuilding water wells in sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 200 million people do not have safe and accessible sources of drinking water. Our wells are built in and around communities that otherwise would need to travel an average of 3 miles per day to get their water. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we’ve built 450 new wells and rebuilt 50 broken wells, providing clean water to a half-million people.

The key to our success is the simplicity and elegance of Embrace Relief’s wells. Our well pipes are installed approximately 45 meters below ground, deeper than many other organization’s wells (which average around 30 meters depth). This is deep enough to ensure only the highest-quality and safest groundwater enters our pipes. Our wells also utilize a mechanical hand-pump system to extract that groundwater.

The simplicity of Embrace Relief’s wells is important for two big reasons. First, the hand pump can be operated by people of all ages and abilities, while maintenance is relatively simple. (Our wells are also guaranteed for at least five years under our warranty, which covers all maintenance costs and includes regular quality checks.) And second, each of Embrace Relief’s wells cost $3,950 to build, significantly less than the average asking price of nearly $10,000. (For an extra $1,300 donation, Embrace Relief’s will add an additional five years onto the well’s warranty.) All of that means your donation goes further with Embrace Relief.

So how can you help solve the clean water crisis? Embrace Relief has three easy ways to donate and support our efforts to bring water to communities that need it most:

  1. Donate to our Clean Water Initiative: All direct donations to our Clean Water Initiative will go towards the building of new water wells in areas of Africa where they’re most needed. You can donate any amount, and every little bit counts! Each $3,950 we raise builds another well and provides another community of 1,000+ people with clean water for at least the next five years.

  2. Donate to our Fountains of Hope Project: Like any other infrastructure, water wells need to be maintained to function properly. (That’s why Embrace Relief’s one-of-its-kind warranty covers all maintenance and upkeep costs for five years, with regular check-ins.) If the resources aren’t available to maintain the wells, they often fall into disrepair and disuse. Embrace Relief’s Fountains of Hope Project targets these abandoned wells and rebuilds them, which is more cost-efficient than building a new well, while also easing the burden on other nearby sources of water. Our goal for 2022 is to fund the rebuilding of 250 wells, providing clean water to an extra 250,000 people.

  3. Start your own Water Well Project: Do you have a group of family members, friends, coworkers, classmates, or employees who want to work together to help build a water well of your very own? You can work together to fundraise as a group for a Water Well Project! Simply click the link and fill out the application form to get started. After your project is approved, you’ll have six months to raise money to fund your well. Once you’ve accomplished that, we will keep you posted on your well’s progress until it’s complete. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with providing life-giving water to thousands of people, a Water Well Project is a great way for you to build community and leave a lasting mark on the world.