R.I.S.E.: Empowered Women Empower Women

Here at Embrace Relief, we’re fostering women empowerment. In other words, fighting gender inequality by helping women grow and inspire future generations of women. This is of utmost importance because, unfortunately, women and girls represent a very high percentage of the world’s poor and suffer higher rates of discrimination and violence. Also, those who work longer hours than men still end up earning less money, and school attendance among girls from poor families is very low due to boys’ education being considered a greater economic investment. In fact, 34.3 million primary school-aged girls are currently out of school worldwide, and of this, 842,000 live in Tanzania, Africa.

Lack of Women’s Education in Tanzania: The Stats

  • Tanzanian women and girls often have the responsibility to do household chores like fetching water.
  • As a result, only 15% of female students continue to upper secondary schooling, resulting in the majority of the female labor force being employed in agriculture
  • Due to restricted access to education, 37% of young Tanzanian women marry before age 18. Hence…

The R.I.S.E. Program

         To promote women empowerment, Embrace Relief created R.I.S.E. (Reach Inspire Support Educate), an education program that helps Tanzanian women obtain higher opportunities for themselves when they would otherwise not have the means. We work with the local government of Tanzania to ensure the effectiveness of the program, which is divided into two sections:

  • Higher Education Support, which funds 14 young Tanzanian women seeking a higher education. $100 per student per month provides tuition, meals, health insurance, transportation, and books.
  • Educational Leadership & Management Training, which funds 21 female teachers seeking additional certifications in Education Leadership & Management and School Quality Assurance, enabling them to take on more prominent/managerial roles in schools. In two years, students can earn a Diploma in School Inspection or a Diploma in Education Management and Administration. $100 per student per month provides tuition, meals, housing, transportation, and books.


Please Donate Today

Please consider donating today to help women in Tanzania reach their education goals, which will help them obtain higher/managerial positions in schools and society. It is incredibly important because when young women both witness and are taught by women in higher positions, they will also be inspired to obtain higher educations and positions themselves. And the more women do so, the more they will reach personal fulfillment, improve their countries’ economies and gender equality, and continue to inspire and empower future generations of women, which in turn strengthens all of humanity.

Promote women empowerment and donate now!