Why Embrace Relief?

By May 15, 2018 No Comments

Since 2013, Embrace Relief has dedicated itself to helping people around the world. As a non-profit organization, we need assistance from people like you, so we can extend our aid to as many as possible. You might be wondering, “Why should I choose Embrace Relief as my charity of choice?” Here are just some of the reasons why contributing to Embrace Relief is a great decision:

  • Embrace Relief helps to provide people with cataract surgeries, allowing them to see clearly. Since 2013, 1,500 patients have received these procedures thanks to Embrace Relief.
  • Embrace Relief has spent over $1.3 million on disaster relief since its inception, giving people the support that they need after enduring devastating natural catastrophes.
  • The contributions from Embrace Relief have allowed over 15 thousand people to receive health checkups.
  • The organization has helped to distribute over 1 million pounds of food to people who live in areas struck by famine and lack of resources.
  • Around ninety women have received vocational training due to the actions of Embrace Relief, allowing them to pursue careers and provide for their families.
  • Embrace Relief helped to install 250 water wells in several countries, providing water to over 250,000 thirsty people.
  • One of Embrace Relief’s projects saw the construction of a school in Nigeria. It serves 350 students. Other educational endeavors included sending computers to students in Afghanistan and Haiti, sending school supplies to over 2,000 children, and building a new library in Romania containing 22,000 books.


If you want to be a part of fantastic programs like these, please become a donor for Embrace Relief today by clicking here!