Health moves humanity forward. Better health means stronger communities, growing markets, and developing economies. Equitable access to health care and services is at the core of every successful society. At Embrace Relief, we reach beyond international borders and across oceans to bring accessible healthcare to under-served communities in Mali, Africa.

Mali is currently experiencing a massive health crisis. The country ranks 186th out of 191 on the Human Development Index, with 89% of the population not having access to basic health services. Embrace Relief’s Clinic Gaoussou Fofana offers free health checkups and free cataract surgery in Bamako, the capital city of Mali. A staggering 2.2 million people suffer from vision impairment which is mainly caused by cataracts. Children as young as 6 years old lose sight to this preventable and treatable eye disease.

We are faced with the opportunity to look away or look ahead. And at Embrace Relief, we take problems and turn them into plans. Together, we are working towards a better, more inclusive future. Join us in our mission to give the gift of sight to the people of Mali and donate today.

YOU can give someone the miraculous gift of sight for just $100.

$100 covers the cost of:

  • Free preoperation health checkup
  • Free consultation
  • Free cataract surgery for one eye
    • Patients receive free food and water on the day of operation
  • Free post-operation checkup
  • Free health checkups for 15 other people

Join us on the Sweatcoin app and walk with us for the right to accessible health services!

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