Accessible Computer Technology for Underserved Students (ACT-US)

Through ACT-US, Embrace Relief will provide thousands of students in Tanzania and Uganda the ability to earn an education while also increasing their digital literacy. Embrace Relief has provided 324 computers with the Endless OS pre-installed to local K-12 schools in the region. With these computers, students can study basic educational subjects and life skills, as well as learn Information and Communications Technology skills without needing access to the internet. With your support, we hope to expand our program to reach more underserved students.


Technology Without Boundaries


Endless OS Computers are designed to combat the limitations of education and lack of access to technology in developing countries. These computers do not need the internet to work and have the ability to be updated remotely. They are cost and power-efficient. Most importantly, they are simple to use.

Endless Learning Potential


Every computer will have pre-installed educational programs through Endless OS. These programs cover a wide variety of subjects to increase students’ knowledge in various academic areas. Beyond that, Endless OS also includes programs centered on life skills, including farming, personal finance management, and personal hygiene skills.

Long-lasting Effects


Together, these computers will expand the accessibility of education in sub-Saharan Africa, which in turn will enable these students to advance their personal and communal development.

Embrace Relief has partnered with Endless Solutions to help provide 324 computers to impoverished schools in Tanzania and Uganda.

Endless Solutions for Education apps include:







United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning